There are a lot of office requirements that one would require to make sure that the day to day operations are taken into consideration. Now there are a lot of software requirements that we would need to take care of to make sure that there are a lot of technical advancements in the field. Now when it comes to an office environment the involvement of documents is on the top priority. Now that means that there is a fervent need for documenting software and that is where the Word software from Microsoft comes into play.

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Yes, you can get Microsoft Office for Mac, so you can create Word and Excel files. BUT you can also get OpenOffice on your Mac, which is a totally free, and slightly less visually attractive office application, that lets you do all the same things as MS Office. Microsoft Excel and 3 more programs. Like Microsoft Word.Newtek: Lightwave3D 10 Layout &.Modeler Open Office/Libre Office: Calc. Mac OS X 10.8.5 and higher. Office 2004 for Mac Test Drive Free. Includes essential tools that can help you. The 16.34 version of Microsoft Word for Mac is provided as a free download on our software library. Word 5.1 for Mac OS, released in 1992, was a very popular word processor owing to its elegance, relative ease of use and feature set. Many users say it is the best version of Word for Mac OS ever created. In 1986, an agreement between Atari and Microsoft brought Word to the Atari ST under the name Microsoft Write. The Atari ST version was a.

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Overview of the Microsoft word 2010

This is probably one of the most sophisticated software that one can lay their hands on. This software has a lot of definite frameworks that will make sure that all the aspects of your documentation needs are taken care of. Well, the process does not stop there, there are a lot of other inclusive features that will make sure that the documents that you create with the software are a strong one.

The other thing that makes the software a credible one is that it can be used almost anywhere and that is probably why the software is pretty much used everywhere across the world.

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There are a lot of other things that make the software a worthwhile one. The biggest highlight in using the software is that it comes inclusive with the Microsoft office package and this makes the software compatible with other similar packages that are available in the package.

Now there are a lot of things that you need to make sure before you want to start using the software. You must know the various features that are inclusive of the software.

Screenshot feature

This is something that is trending within the software that is the screenshot feature. This will ensure that the user can be used to include the screenshot that he can take. This will ensure that once the screenshot is involved in the word document, the person can edit the screenshot according to his preference. There are a lot of other things that can be included in the screenshot. Previously if someone has to paste the screenshot, it is a very inclusive process and would take a lot of time to develop and paste the screenshot.

Artistic freedom is a key feature

There are a lot of definite features that made the word software a dominant one, but the software did have its cons. Most of the people who accessed the word were not able to do much in the case of editing. The pictures that were added into the word document couldn’t be edited and they could only be resized and that too at times at large disproportions. There are a lot of other things that you can make with the artistic features that are available within the software. Now the user can resize, edit, cut and paste the pictures in the accurate places.

Background filter

This is something that we do not often see with the background of the pictures. This means that you can crop out the background from the picture while inserting it into the software. There are other things that you need to concentrate on to ensure that the pictures that you are including in the word document are clear. The other artistic features that we need to make sure to get a rigid hand over all the data that is being provided within the software will definitely be a new experience to use.

The Word Art update

People who have been using words for a pretty long time will definitely know the advantages of having the word art. This means that there are a lot of other things that will get added to the existential word art feature. There are some of the edits that you can do with word art and also ensure that there is the correct placement of artistic elements within the document.

Usage updates

Now there are a lot of things that make the effective usage of software and this involves the level of credibility that the software is using to make sure that there is efficient usage of all the features that are present within the software. There are a lot of developmental features that are within the system that will give the users an added experience to the users.

System requirements of Microsoft Word 2010

When it comes to the usage of the word document, there are not many system requirements that are needed to make sure that the software runs effectively.

The common system requirements include;

  • Operating system; Windows XP and above
  • RAM: 1 GB requirement
  • HDD space: 1GB maximum requirement

Download Microsoft word 2010 for free

There are a lot of other effective ways that you can create documents with the word software and this means that with added features the software just gets interesting. You can download the installer file of Microsoft word 2010 by accessing the link below.

Download Microsoft Word 2010 full version for free - ISORIVER

There are a lot of office requirements that one would require to make sure that the day to day operations are taken into consideration. Now there are a lot of

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Word Processor

Microsoft Word began life as Multi-Tool Word for Xenix in 1983. It was renamed Microsoft Word and ported to MS-DOS in 1983, the Macintosh in 1985, and Windows in 1989. It has been the dominant word processing program on the Mac since 1988 and on Windows since 1993.

When Apple introduced the original Macintosh in January 1984, it also introduced two programs so Mac users could do something with the new computer, MacWrite and MacPaint. With these essentially free apps bundled with the computer, it would be an uphill battle to sell alternative word processing and paint programs – but that didn’t stop anyone.

Word was rooted in Bravo, the GUI word processor created at Xerox PARC. Microsoft hired Charles Simonyi, Bravo’s “father”, in 1981, and Multi-Tool Word was released for Xenix in 1983. It was ported to MS-DOS later in the year, where the name was simplified to Word. Word was the first WYSIWYG (or semi-WYSIWYG) word processing program for DOS – it could display bold, italic, and underlined text, although it could not display different typefaces or sizes. Word for MS-DOS was designed to work with a mouse, and Microsoft even offered a bundle that included Word and the new-fangled input device. The mouse and semi-WYSIWYG display gave Word two big advantages over Wordstar, then the most popular word processing software in the world, and WordPerfect, the rising star in the DOS world.

Word for MS-DOS had been written to support high-resolution displays, even though DOS computers didn’t yet have them, which made it easier to port the program to the Macintosh. The first version of Word for Mac was released in 1985, and Word 3.0 in 1987. (There was no Word 2.0 for Mac. The second version was called 3.0 to match the numbering of the current DOS version.)

Unfortunately, Word 3.0 was “plagued with bugs”, and within a few months Microsoft fixed them and mailed free Word 3.0.1 disks to all registered Word 3.0 users. Word 4.0 came to market in 1989, the same year that Apple spun off its software to its Claris subsidiary and MacWrite stopped being free. By this time, Microsoft already owned the Mac word processing market with over 50% of market share. MacWrite II peaked at just over 30% market, quickly dropping off until Apple discontinued MacWrite Pro in 1994.

New microsoft word 2010

Mac word processor market share by units, 1988 to 1997.

Many Mac users consider Word 5.1a to be the best version ever released. The original Word 5.0 for Mac reached the market in 1991, and the upgrade to 5.1 in 1992. After all those years, Word still worked very well on compact Macs with their 9″ 512 x 342 pixel black and white displays.


Word 6.0, launched in 1993, is widely considered to be the worst version of Word ever for the Mac, as it was based on the same codebase as Word 6.0 for Windows. That meant that it looked and worked more like Windows software than a Macintosh program. Mac users were so up in arms that Microsoft actually released a Word 5.1 downgrade to unhappy Word 6.0 owners.

It was five years before Microsoft unleashed another version of Word for the Mac, and at that point Microsoft adopted a new numbering scheme: Henceforth versions of Word would be identified by the year of release, so the new version was Word 98 (Microsoft began this in 1995 with Word 95 for Windows). Subsequent versions of Word were 2001, v.X (the first version for Mac OS X, also released in 2001), 2004, and 2008, which is the current version.

Word 98 was the first version of Word that was not only file-compatible with Word 97 for Windows, but also compatible with macro viruses.

Mac Version History

This article is a work in progress dusted off from 2008 and is in need of updates.

Word 1.0


Word 3.0


Word 4.0

1989: Last version that can be run using a daul-floppy Mac.

Word 5.0/5.1

1991 (5.1 – 1992): Requires System 6.0.2, 512 KB of RAM (1 MB for 5.1, 2 MB to use spell check and thesaurus), 6.5 MB available hard drive space. Last version to support 68000-based Macs.

Word 6.0

1993: Requires System 7.0, 4 MB of RAM (8 MB recommended), at least 10 MB available hard drive space, 68020 CPU. 68000-based Macs not supported.

Word 98 (8.0)

1997: Requires System 7.5 or later (7.5.5 recommended), PowerPC processor (120 MHz recommended), 16 MB of RAM installed, 640 x 480 8-bit color or 4-bit grayscale display, CD-ROM for installation. Part of Microsoft Office 98 Macintosh Edition.

Word 2001 (9.0)

2000: Last version for Classic Mac OS, runs in Classic Environment of Mac OS X. Requires Mac OS 8.0 through 9.2.2, 8.5 or later recommended. Application requires 10 MB of RAM with virtual memory enabled, 17 MB without it.

Word v.X (10.0)

Microsoft Word 2011 Mac Download

2001: First version written for OS X

Word 2004 (11.0)

2004: First Mac version to use XML format.


Word 2008 (12.0)



2010 Microsoft Word For Mac Os Catalina

Word 2011 (14.3)


Microsoft Word For Mac Free

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