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Why Choose Uscenes for an Aquarium Screensaver?

We film each aquarium screensaver in the best resolution on high quality cameras. Every aquarium screensaver is available as a video to use as a manual TV screensaver. They are also available as Microsoft Windows screensavers, which play continuously just like any other computer screensaver.

'Desktop Aquarium Free' Available Free on Mac Store. Subcribe - for more gameplay review of. Preview screensaver This is a clock screensaver that will transform your idle monitor into a beautiful tank with colored fish and a clock inside the aquarium. The clock shows the local time.

Update May 2020

The first half of 2017 has been a slow year for Uscenes releases. We were concentrating on releasing a Roku app, which is now live for anyone with a Roku media player. Everyone else should be happy to know we are now releasing new screensaver videos every Thursday. Our most recent fish tank was a large very relaxing one called Zen Aquarium. We are also happy to see that our top selling 4K aquarium screensaver Coral Garden now has 6 million Youtube views, making it our most popular 4K aquarium download.

Update May 2016

Our fish tank screensavers have never been more impressive. Over the past 6 months we have added some enormous aquarium videos. The most popular is the shark infested Ocean Tank, which is easily our largest 4K aquarium screensaver. Like all recent releases it is also available as a longer 20 minute version to loop on UHD SMART TV screens, as a kind of manual TV screensaver. We currently offer all new releases in 4K Ultra HD or Full HD.

Update February 2016

We now have improved all our Windows screensavers.

Free Living Aquarium Screensaver

All our aquarium screensavers now have:

3d fish tank screensaver free
  • Sound with adjustable volume (independent of your computer’s volume)
  • Multiple monitor support (repeat the screensaver on 2 screens)
  • The option to set a screenshot as your desktop wallpaper

All products in the 4K category can be purchased as a Full HD aquarium screensaver or 4K aquarium screensaver. They self loop every 3 minutes. Older computers may not be able to play the 4K versions. If you have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 (or similar) get the Full HD option, if bigger get the 4K Ultra HD option which is 3840 x 2160. Your screens do not need to match the files- the screensaver adjusts automatically to fit your screen.

Update October 2015:
We now have a selection of 4K videos and screensavers. This includes a very popular fish tank we we called Coral Garden. The actual screensaver apps are still in Full HD, but new videos can now be purchased in Ultra HD 4K. We have been testing 4K screensavers and have found some older computers have trouble playing them back. We will get a couple of options on the site soon, for those with powerful computers which can handle 4K screensavers (4 times the resolution of full HD).

Aquarium screensaver downloads are available on this website. We have an awesome selection to choose from. .

Download options:
[list style=”arrow”][list_item]Windows screensaver[/list_item][list_item]MP4 video[/list_item][/list]

Aquarium Screensaver Specs

The two screensaver files are around 3 minutes long. They loop automatically for as long as you do not use your laptop or computer. The video files are longer in length at 20 minutes.

Older footage is shot in 1080p. This is known as Full HD, and now we have many in 4K Ultra HD. It will look crisp and clear on any computer or laptop monitor. The MP4 looks great on any TV screen from SMART TVs to HD TVs to old TVs. Most footage is shot to fill your PC or TV screen, we currently have one ultrawide aquarium screensaverfor a more cinematic look (wider shot for 21:9 aspect ratio ultrawide displays). The aquarium video for ultrawide screens in the 3440 x 1440 resolution. Most of our content is 16:9 aspect ratio for normal displays.

The screensaver app file sizes are typically between 100 MB to 200 MB (double for 4K screensavers). This file size allows for fast download speeds and shouldn’t slow your computer down whilst they are running. The MP4 video files are larger at around 500 MB to 1.3 GB .

How to Download and Use Uscenes Aquarium Screensavers

To download the screensavers you just click on the download links you will be shown after paying. You will also have an account so that you can login to Uscenes at any time in future to retrieve your downloads. For the MP4 videos you just click to download then treat like any other video file.

After downloading your aquarium screensaver, locate the file (usually in your Downloads folder), then click on it. This will install the screensaver on your computer just like any other. You will then be taken to a page where you can set the time for it to start running on your device. If you set it to 3 minutes the screensaver will start playing after 3 minutes of inactivity. It will loop continuously until you touch your mouse or track-pad. Newer videos will also have the option of setting a screenshot as your desktop wallpaper.

For more information and please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Why should you buy a 4K or HD aquarium screensaver from Uscenes?

All of our files are 100% clean and secure. When you download so called free screensavers from other sites they may contain additional software which you do not want e.g. adverts or a search bar. The free options from other sites are often poor quality footage which may only be a few seconds long. We charge a reasonable fee which gives you peace of mind that you are buying a clean, high quality product.

All of our aquarium screensavers were created using high spec video cameras. They look great on any computer screen. We add soothing, natural sounds such as the bubbles from the fish tanks. They are relaxing, beautiful and high quality. There are no special effects or animation added. Each product is a real fish tank screensaver.

Example HD Fish Tank Screensaver Download:

Below is our number 1 bestseller. This fish tank features colorful fish and real coral. For more details about this download click here. We have a feeling this one will have competition from a recent addition Coral Garden: https://www.uscenes.com/video/4k-aquarium/

This animated aquarium screensaver from MSN features a fish tank filled with water and decorated with rocks, pieces of wood, seashells, starfish and a few underwater plants, but without fish swimming around in it. A light source above the surface of the rocking water casts rays of light on the various objects in the tank. No sound effects are included.


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Aquarium For Mac Screensaver
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File report #1
File nameMSN_Animated_Aquarium_Screensaver.exe
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User reviews (5)

1) The good thing is that it can work on two monitors (tried on Windows 10). But the bad thing is that it works only in duplicated mode. Extending is not possible.
2) Settings are poor. For example, we can control what does 'Enter' do and choose between exiting the screensaver and going to its menu, and seems this works. But every time you enter the settings, this mode auto-resets to the second option.
3) OK, item (2) is not very significant, we set it once and forget. But come on, where is the fish?!

by Alexander Lishansky on October 17, 2020

Doesn't work on MacOS Catalina

by Artie on September 18, 2020

Well, difficult to say, couldn't get it to run on Windows 10. Perhaps I am missing something, but when you double click an application, it should work, right?

by JonBon on March 16, 2020

no application to open this app error on my Mac

by absa on December 13, 2019

It is a day dreamer.

by Rebecca Milligan on August 6, 2019

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