Even though Mac is not a hardcore gaming OS, there are some exciting games to play. Gaming Keyboards and Mouse are okay to deal with, but nothing can replace the comfort of playing with a Game Controller on your Mac. The additional comfort is that you can lay down cozily in your Couch while you enjoy the game.

Razer - Kraken Tournament Edition Wired Stereo Gaming Headset for PC, Mac, Xbox One, Switch, PS4, Mobile Devices - Black Model: RZ0-R3U1 SKU: 6263312. My best friend bought an apple rather than a gaming pc. But we still want to game. Anyone know of any great COOP or multiplayer games that work well cross-platform between PC and MAC? So far we're thinking about Rust and Planetary Annihilation. You aren’t limited to playing with other Mac users. Fortnite is cross-play compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and even iOS devices. Since your account comes with you.

A thing to note with gaming controllers is their design. No matter how pro you are in a game, but if you aren’t comfortable with your controller, you are likely to lose the battle. If you are going through this trouble, better have a look at some of the best gaming controller for Mac we have handpicked down here in this list.

High-Quality Gaming Controllers for Mac in 2020

#1. Thrustmaster

While playing a game on your Mac, you need superior comfort. For more extended gaming sessions, a gaming controller has to have wide hand-rest for optimal comfort. Thrustmaster’s joystick highlights this feature. With easily accessible buttons, this controller provides you hassle-free gaming pleasure.

This gaming joystick comes with 12 buttons and five axels, which are fully programmable. If you love to play games related to civil aviation and military air strikes, this controller has a trigger for brakes and rapid fire.

Pc Vs Mac For Gaming

USP: High-precision
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#2. Nimbus SteelSeries

Nimbus SteelSeries brings a Bluetooth gaming controller for your Mac. This MFi-certified controller gives you a real wireless console experience on your Mac and other iOS devices. Pressure-sensitive buttons allow you to play games for hours without causing finger cramp.

Once you recharge this controller, it can be used for more than 40 hours to enjoy non-stop gaming. You can use the Nimbus Companion app to explore free and paid controller-enabled games on your mobile devices.

USP: 40+ hours battery
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#3. iNNEXT

iNNEXT offers two pack retro USB super controller gamepad for your Mac. It is not Bluetooth-enabled but has five feet long cord to keep a reasonable distance between your Mac and the joypad. You can connect this generic USB controller with a standard USB port.

Mac For Gaming

Sensitive buttons ensure precise control over your game. This joypad can be connected to your personal computer, Notebook, laptop, MacBook, and Android smartphones via USB OTG cable.

USP: 5-feet cable
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#4. Miadore

Bring back your childhood memories with this classic USB controller for your Mac and NES gaming. This retro gamepad is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit computers. You can connect this controller to your Mac with a USB port.

It is effortless to plug and play this controller as it doesn’t require drivers and software. Sensitive buttons ensure precision in controlling your game.

USP: No drivers required
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#5. GameSir

GameSir presents officially MFi certified gaming controller, which is compatible with all Apple products like Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and more. Make sure your device is macOS 10.6 or later. Get the best professional gaming experience for shooting, fighting, action, and sports games.

Apple mac pc for gaming

For hassle-free connectivity, GameSir offers wireless 4.0 and excellent LED crystal buttons. A notable feature of this gamepad is 256 levels of pressure sensitivity, which gives you superior gaming control.

USP: Lag-free connectivity
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#6. Urvoix

Best Mac Pc For Gaming Laptops

Urvoix wireless gaming controller boasts a classic design; but inside, it is packed with state-of-the-art technology to control games on Mac. This cordless controller allows you to play from 30 feet away. Simply plug and play; you are not supposed to install any driver.

You can charge this controller with a micro USB cable as it has built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The USB adapter is compatible with most emulators on Mac.

USP: Rechargeable Battery
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#7. RunSnail

RunSnail has achieved greater performance value with new features like motion controls, vibration, USB-C, and turbo functionality. RunSnail’s gaming controller is known for its broad compatibility, and this quality makes it the first choice of real gamers. This multi-compatible controller is perfect for gaming aficionados, who love to switch platforms at office and home.

A notable feature of this controller is built-in smart CPU. Its firmware can be upgraded to expand its function in the future. Enjoy its retro design and make the most of its clickable joysticks.

USP: Built-in smart CPU
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#8. Gam3Gear

With its pocket-size profile, Gam3Gear wireless gamepad controller is your perfect companion while you are playing games on your Mac. Its petite body and delicate design can be moved around like a jewelry piece. Tie the lanyard (comes in the package) to the gamepad, and you can use it as a keychain.


Fully charge this gamepad for once and enjoy your games for 20 long hours. The product is compatible with all mainstream gaming platforms like macOS, Android, and Windows.

USP: Pocket-size profile
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#9. CC&SS

CC&SS brings Mac gaming controller, which boasts super sensitive buttons. You can precisely control your game without missing any shot. With its six-feet long cord, you can play all games comfortably from your couch.

You are not supposed to install any driver as the controller comes with a plug-and-play feature. The design of this controller reminds you of a vintage gamepad, which you used to hold when you were a kid.

USP: Super sensitive buttons for precision control
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That’s all, friends!

Are you in the game?

Mac offers an excellent platform for gamers to play their favorite games. A controller with ergonomic design and high-quality material, you can play games for a long time tirelessly.

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