Boxer 1.2.2

Boxer was updated quite some time ago, but I’m just now getting around to blogging about it. It now rests at version 1.2.2. Some substantial changes in this build, most notably the ability to paste text into the DOS Prompt to execute DOS commands. You can get this new version of Boxer from the Box File Widget or from their homepage. Let’s scope the rest of the changes.

Improvements to keyboard input:

  • Numeric keypad support for Macbooks and Apple Wireless Keyboards: Press Cmd+U or hold down Fn to make 789/UIO/JKL act as a numpad.
  • Toggling Numlock now displays a notification bezel.
  • Send Key menu now indicates the current Numlock and Scroll-lock status.
  • Insert key on non-Mac keyboards now properly acts as Insert key in DOS.

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Improvements to the DOS prompt:

  • You can now paste text into the DOS prompt to execute DOS commands. (Pasting into DOS programs will arrive in a future update.)
  • DOS prompt now unpauses when drag-dropping new drives into the window.
  • Fixed REVEAL command ignoring the path you specify, and improved its error messages.
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  • Fixed regression in 1.2.1 that caused crashes during gamebox startup.
  • (Hopefully) fixed occasional hangs when starting up a DOS session.
  • Fixed savegames not getting saved correctly in Seasons of Sakura and 3 Sisters’ Story.
  • Fixed MT-32 detection for release of Battle Chess II.
  • Prevented OS X’s own Ctrl+F7 shortcut from interfering with the DOS window.
  • Changed the default games folder location back to [home folder]/DOS Games. This does not affect existing games folders.

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The following is a note from Dr. Giger after his presentation at our AMSC meeting in Audubon, PA on 10-8-16

It was a great pleasure to meet the leadership and members of the AMSC and present our recent discovery. An account with power point slides and text is posted. Apparently the members are embracing the screening of miniature schnauzers for MAC. We had a great evening reviewing what is known and how to take the best approach to healthy Miniature schnauzers.

We have a couple of requests:

Please let us know if you have an infected dog – we will test the dog free of charge and also like to get blood samples to study the immune dysfunction.

We also like to hear from owners who had dogs with aspergillosis or skin infections as we like to see if those were related to MAC

Thank you

Urs Giger, Prof. Dr. med. vet., MS, FVH
Dipl. ACVIM & ECVIM (Internal Medicine)
Dipl. ECVCP (Clinical Pathology)


We are thrilled to announce Dr. Giger & his team have been successful there is now a MAC DNA test!

In the links below you’ll find everything you’ll need to know about MAC & all the instructions for testing.

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Consider this page a work in process & we will continue to update it as new information becomes available.

Postage for Mailing Swabs & other material far exceeded what we budgeted! If would be greatly appreciated if you would consider a donation to help offset these costs!! Many thanks from your AMSC Health Committee!

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The AMSC Health Committee continues to support Dr. Giger’s recommendation to test all breeding dogs.The Health Committee has noted that one of the reasons for supporting this recommendation is that there have been at least 3 cases known where by Newsprint, Future Shock nor ANY other known producer on at least one side of the pedigree and one specifically, Swingtail Gale Warning, who does not have Newsprint, Future Shock, nor any known producer on EITHER SIDE of the pedigree. This dog was diagnosed with MAC – see here for more information.

MAC Article by Dr. Urs GigerFrequently Asked Questions

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PennGen Form Completion TipsPennGen Address for Samples

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NOTE: These Webpages are provided as information only and do NOT represent Veterinary medical advice. Owners should discuss their pet’s needs with their Veterinarian who will be up to date on current protocols and advances in Veterinary Medicine.