PDF is a pretty popular file format in the world, but it still requires some PDF viewer programs to open and read it. On Apple Mac OS X, we can use the built-in app Preview to read a PDF file, but on Microsoft Windows, we must install extra software like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader to open it.

But the image format JPG/JPEG is supported by almost all the smart devices. And many PDF files are scanned images in actual, therefore, conver PDF to JPG/JPEG is thus logical, it won't affect the quality, and the converted image files are more widely supported.

Converter From Pdf To Jpg For Mac

Using an online service help you convert your PDF to JPG quickly, without the burden of installing additional software on your PC. The service is not only free. We plant a tree for every 50,000 PDF converted to JPG. We hope this PDF to JPG online converter will help you. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is an advanced PDF OCR Software for Mac to convert both native and scanned PDFs into JPG with original PDF file quality retained. In addition to convert PDF to other image formats (PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP), this tool can export PDF files into a wide range of editable formats: Word, PowerPoint, iWor Pages&Keynote, Excel.

Converter From Pdf To Jpg For Mac

By reading this article, you can learn a free way to convert PDF to JPG/JPEG on mac by using the preset app Preview, then view the images on any device you like.

If you are a Windows PC user, please use our PDF to JPG Converter for Windows.

Use Preview to convert PDF to JPG/JPEG for free

Preview is the default PDF and image viewer app in Mac OS X, many people might ignore this app or think it is just for viewing images. In fact, it is also able to handle some file format conversion jobs.

And in this case, we also need another app, iPhoto. It costs $14.99 from App Store, but I've stated pretty clearly in the beginning that this method is going to be free, so I won't make you spent any coin on it.

The customers who bought a Mac device after 2013.10 can get it for free in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and for the other people, you also can get the iWork suit for free. I wrote a post on our blog months ago to introduce the trick to get iWork suit for free even you are not qualified for that, and don't worry about the copyright issue, Apple said:'Enjoy it.'

Now the preparations are done, let's rock.

Converter From Pdf To Jpg For Mac File

1 Open the PDF by Preview app.

2 Click the 'File' menu and choose 'Print' option in the bottom of the list.

3 Select 'Save PDF to iPhoto' option in the 'PDF' drop-down list, then the Preview app will convert each page of the PDF to JPEG image, you can also choose the range you want to convert.

4. Find the images in your Mac computer's local drive. By default, they are saved in 'iPhoto Library', and the path shoudl be [Your Username] --> Pictures --> iPhoto Library.

Another free Mac app to convert PDF to JPG/JPEG

Converter From Pdf To Jpg For Mac Osx

This is an app focus on converting PDF to JPG/JPEG images, users are allowed to import PDF files or even entire folders to the app and convert them into JPG/JPEG within one click.

This app is free to get at the moment, click the link you can download it via AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/any-free-pdf-to-jpg-converter/id683160697?mt=12#

For Windows users

If you are using a Windows computer, Epubor provides a Windows PDF to JPG Converter. Click the button below you can download it.

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In this article, we’ll explain how to convert PDF files into JPEG on your Mac. Please note that this method also works with Word documents.

PDF was developed by Adobe Systems in 1993 as a cross-platform open electronic document format. Currently, PDF (Portable Document Format) files are the standard document type for most companies around the world due to their fixed format and convenient transportation. PDF documents are distinguished by security, smaller file size, and the ability to open them in cross-platform mode.

Apple company integrated Preview application as by default PDF viewer in macOS, and therefore you can use it to easily convert any PDF file to a JPG and many other formats, while maintaining the look and feel of the PDF.

It means that you have no need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or any side-software in most cases, the Preview will be used to view the PDF by default in macOS.

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Anyway, in the end of the article, we’ll give some recommendations for side-software solutions for that task.

So if you are ready, open the file in the Preview and let’s started.

How to Convert PDF to JPEG by Default Preview in macOS:

  • Open the PDF file in the Preview and select the desired slide in the sidebar of the window.
  • Click “File” > “Export”.
  • Next choose the file name & destination where the file will be saved.
  • In “Format” drop-down menu located in center choose “JPEG” and click “Save”.
  • This is all you need to do, to convert PDF slide to JPEG file.

How to Convert Word File to JPEG by default Preview in macOS:

  • Open in a Preview DOCX file you want to convert.
  • Click “File” > “Export as PDF”.
  • Choose the destination folder and save it.
  • Next steps are the same as you convert PDF to JPEG in guide ahead.
  • Open the PDF file in the Preview and select the desired slide in the sidebar of the window.
  • Click “File” > “Export”.
  • Next choose the file name & destination where the file will be saved.
  • In “Format” drop-down menu located in center choose “JPEG” and click “Save”.
Free pdf converter for mac
  • Voilà!

Side-software to convert PDF to JPEG in macOS

Want to simplify the process even more? There are many applications can automate your workflow with PDF files in App Store, but in general cases we recommend to use two most popular and both free:

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

If we consider that the PDF format was developed by Adobe Systems, then who else can make the best application for their brainchild?


Multifunctional application. Provide everything you need for convenient work with editing or reading PDF files.