So: how important is that partition?


A EFI partition is created when a drive (HDD, SSD, or flash) is partitioned as GUID. The EFI partition holds information specific to that system's hardware and includes drivers for the boot up process ... so, yes, it's pretty important.

Efi Mounter For Mac Catalina

Assuming I need it, how do I get it back?

See if any of the following articles can help answer that question:

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Efi Mounter Mac


Mount Efi Partition On Usb

MacMan’s version of Koen2X’s EFI Mounter v3. Modified to use the diskutil command and sMacMan’s version of Koen2X’s EFI Mounter v2. Modified to use the diskutil command and supports running on systems with up to 10 disks attached. What is the EFI partition?

Mount Efi Windows 10 Hackintosh

  • Mount or unmount the EFI system partition for any volume with a mouse click. Next to each volume, ESP Mounter Pro displays a 'Mount' button that you get to use whenever you wish to effortlessly open the EFI partition. When the task is completed, you get to view the ESP in a Finder window and unmount it.
  • README Download Explorer from: Download XML Copy Editor from:

I think you will find that using Recovery Mode to re-install macOS will be the easiest way to repair the corrupted/missing EFI partition in the long run.

  • How to reinstall macOS - Apple Support
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