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BlueStacks has the highest rate of security and privacy. Same goes with the Mac users. So, you can use Bluestacks as it is totally safe to use on pc and mac. Is Bluestacks legit? Yes, Bluestacks is a legit app player with more than 370 million downloads. BlueStacks works very effectively and gives an Android experience on your personal computer. Download BlueStacks AppPlayer for Mac 4.130.11 for Mac. Fast downloads of the latest free software!

If you want to install your favorite Android apps on your PC. Then simply download BlueStacks on your PC and get whatever you want. Because it allows you to download your favorite Android apps and games on your PC very easily. If you are worried about how to download and use the Bluestacks for PC. So here we will explain what BlueStacks is and how it works on your PC in detail. You will get many Android apps for PC here.


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    • 4.2 How to Get Bluestacks For MAC?

Bluestacks 1 free download - BlueStacks App Player, Intellivision for Mac: Volume 1, uTorrent, and many more programs. How to install Bluestacks on your Mac Go to MacUpdate and click the green 'Download' button on the right-hand side to start the download of the app. Launch 'Finder' and then go to your 'downloads' folder. From within there is the 'Bluestacks' dmg which you can double-click on to open and install.

More About BlueStacks for PC

BlueStacks is a very popular and useful android emulator that lets you download android and iOS games on your PC. It’s the best platform for game lovers and available free. Bluestacks lets you play the most popular android games like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, PUB G, etc on your PC. You will also use social media apps on your PC or Laptop like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. With Bluestacks you will use android apps and games at the same time on your smartphone and PC.

It is very easy to install and use on your PC. When you download BlueStacks on your desktop and play the program, you just need to provide your Google account and sync all of your free and paid applications. Once you install the BlueStacks emulator on your PC or Laptop you will experience using an android device, because Bluestacks gives you a whole android environment. With BlueStacks for PC, you will install whatever you want from the Google Play Store.

Features of Bluestacks for PC

  • Bluestacks lets the user play games directly on PC.
  • You can play games with a simple key mapping tool.
  • Tilting, Swiping, and do much more mobile action with your keyboard and mouse.
  • Bluestacks allows you to play multiple apps at once.
  • Get easy access to functions of BlueStacks like shaking the screen, adjust volume and many more.
  • Click the “Full-Screen” button and immerse yourself inside of App Player.
  • It allows you to share your live stream on Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • You always track your viewers and interact with them in your Twitch chat.

How to Install and use BlueStacks on PC?

BlueStacks is very easy and simple to use and download apps on PC, Windows10-8-7, and MAC. BlueStacks is always the number #1 option to install android apps and games on PC. To download BluStacks for PC just follow the instructions below:

1You can download Bluestacks from its official site or Download BlueStacks Android Emulator from here.

2After click on the link, locate the downloaded .exe file on your browser and open it by double-click on the raw file.

3⇒ Now run the setup and files will start extracting into your system.

4⇒ It will take a few moments to finish the extracting files process.

5⇒ Once the files are extract a new window will appear on your screen and ask you to Install Now Bluestacks.

6⇒ Click the “Install now” button to proceed with the terms and conditions and again it will take some time to complete the installations. Now provide your Google account on BlueStacks.

7When your Google account sync with BlueStacks your previous free apps or paid apps will be shown on the BlueStacks home page.

8Now click the Installed Apps bar and open your system apps. Here you will get your Google Play Store apps.

9 Lastly, Open it and installs your favorites, whatever app or game you want to use.

Open BlueStacks, and you are able to search for any free Android app and install it on your PC for free. It will automatically install android apps on your PC. When you hit the “Install Now” button from any app. Also, you will able to use BlueStacks Offline Installer for PC. Once you open BlueStacks, it shows you both top apps and other apps that are supported by default BlueStacks. You will select them and install Android apps on your PC without any cost.

Free Download Bluestack For Laptop


How to Install Android App in Bluestacks?

Start Bluestacks from the start menu or in your OS. Find the search button and search for your most favorite app. You will get search results in the Google Play Store same as you get on your smartphone. After that its the same procedure like on your mobile phone.

Bluestacks safe for Windows OS?

Yes, Bluestacks software is totally safe for all Operating systems.

Does Bluestack slow down my PC?

Sometimes it does slow down your PC speed. It is because Bluestacks takes a lot of your PC processing power.

Is Bluestacks for PC, Windows is Free?

Yes, Bluestacks is available free for PC, Windows, and MAC.

Is Bluestacks Legal?

Bluestacks software is totally legal to use.

Does Bluestacks work on Old PC’s and Laptops?

It totally depends on your Laptop specifications.

Bluestacks Free Download

Pros of BlueStacks:

1⇒ It allows you to install free android apps like WhatsApp, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, Instagram, and others for your PC.

2⇒ Bluestacks supports all Windows 10-8 and 7 versions without any error.

Bluestacks 1 Download

3⇒ You will install the Android app quickly and it does not require any user guide.

4⇒ Bluestacks has some android apps like WhatsApp and Clash of Clans by default.


5⇒ Supports all input devices like keyboard, mouse, touch, audio and other input devices too.

6⇒ Good user interface is very friendly to use.

7⇒ Further, you will use your free Android apps on your PC without wasting any time.

Cons of Bluestacks

  1. Bluestacks uses a bunch of CPU and RAM.
  2. Also, it makes your PC slow sometimes (if your PC or Laptop specifications are low) otherwise it perform well.

Bluestacks-4 Compatible

Bluestacks version 4 is compatible with all the below mentioned OS.

PC Windows 10 both (32 Bit and 64 Bit).

PC Windows 8 (43 and 64 Bit).

Windows 7 (32 Bit and 64 Bit)

How to Get Bluestacks For MAC?

Moreover, you will install Bluestacks latest version on MAC from the MAC webpage.

Bluestacks Alternative for PC, Windows, and MAC

Bluestacks Old Version Mac

Even though Bluestacks is the best for PC Windows, laptops and Mac Operating Systems. But still, if you don’t like Bluestacks or have any issues from Bluestacks you can use these alternative emulators for your device.

Nox App Player / Memu Play / KoPlayer / Andy Android Emulator

Android Studio / GenyMotion / Droid5x / Windroy / AMIDuos

Youwave / Remix OS Player and Joy of Beans

Have you ever suffered the agony of not being able to enjoy your favorite Android applications on your Windows or MacOs powered personal computers? Well, then Bluestacks is the means of relief for this anguish.

Free Download Bluestack For Mac

What is Bluestacks?

So, what is Bluestacks? Bluestacks is an America based technology company that developed the Bluestack App Player along with its other cloud-based cross-platform products. The Bluestack app player makes it possible for the Android applications to be run on the Windows or MacOs platform.

The Bluestack app player is downloadable for both operating systems i.e., for Windows as well as MacOs. This virtualizes the Android operating system on the respective operating system powered computers. The most helpful factor of Bluestack is that the essential features of this cross-platform application are free to download and you can use them too without paying a single penny.

How to Download Bluestacks on Windows & MAC OS

Now the next part comes about how you can download Bluestacks for PC. Depending on whether you have a MacOs or Windows Operating system the process may differ a little bit, so let us go through them one by one.

MacOS: before downloading the Bluestack on your Apple PC let me tell you about the prerequisite of running Bluestack on your PC hassle freely. The requirements for this are as follows –

  • The MacOs should be higher than 10.12, i.e., Sierra
  • It should have a RAM of 4 GB along with a hard drive space of 4 GB
  • You should be the administrator of your PC
  • Update the graphics drivers and other software from the App Store on your Mac
  • You may also need the latest graphics card for running the applications smoothly

Now let us move on to the steps of downloading the Bluestack on your MacOs –

  1. Visit the official website of Bluestack for downloading the latest version of Bluestack for your MacOS
  2. After downloading open the setup, double click on the Bluestack icon for installation
  3. Click on the “Install” button
  4. In the next window click on “Proceed” to continue
  5. If you get a “System Extension Blocked” popup after the previous step, then click on “Open Security Preferences.”
  6. Click on “Allow” in “Security & Privacy” settings

Now you are all set to enjoy all the Android application on your MacOs.

Windows: the steps for downloading Bluestack on the Windows platform are as follows –

  • Go to the official website of Bluestack and then click on the download button.
  • After the completion of the download double click on the file to start installing it.
  • On the installer window click on the “Install Now” button for initiating the process. This can take up to a few minutes depending on your PC specification
  • Wait for the installation process to be over
  • Then click on the “Complete” button for concluding the task
  • After this, the Bluestack installer will prompt you to a one-time initial setup process.
  • Choose your desired language on the welcome page
  • After that sign, in into your Google account.

Now you are all set for enjoying all the Android games on your Windows PC.

List of Bluestacks Alternatives

Bluestack is not the only cross-platform application out there. There are others too like –

  1. Andy Android Emulator: It is one best application for running Android application on Windows and Mac PC aside of Bluestack. You can control the screen of your PC by your smartphone using this application.
  2. GenyMotion: It is another excellent alternative for Bluestack. You can emulate all your favorite games on different devices using this software.
  3. Droid4X official: It is one of the most liked Android emulators out there.
  4. Dolphin: It is also a free cross-platform application like Bluestack. You can record all your playing moments through this app. So, you can avoid cheating by merely replaying the recorded video.
  5. Nox: Nox is liked due to its elegant user interface. Apart from that it also provides popular features like adjusting the volume, setting the location and many more.
  6. Koplayer: Koplayer enables you to use keyboard, mouse, and gamepad for playing games on your PC.
  7. Windroy: it enables you to use the Android apps easily through your mouse only. It is also available for both Windows and Mac operating system.
  8. Youwave: it is easy to download and install on your PC. One of the most similar features is through this app you can save all your data and file on the selected path.

These are all the names of the best alternative of Bluestack. Although Bluestack is the king of its kingdom when it comes to cross-platform application. Bluestack has been serving since 2011, so it is evident that Bluestack is the best cross-platform application for running all your favorite Android apps on your Windows or Mac computers.