GoldenDict is a feature-rich dictionary lookup program, supporting multiple dictionary formats (StarDict/Babylon/Lingvo/Dictd/AARD/MDict/SDict) and online dictionaries, featuring perfect article rendering with the complete markup, illustrations and other content retained, and allowing you to type in words without any accents or correct case.

Goldendict for macbook pro


This code has been run and tested on Windows XP/Vista/7, Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X.

Goldendict Dictionary Download

External Deps

GoldenDict is a virtual dictionary. It has many useful features and a search function that makes it powerful. With its user-friendly interface, it is so simple that anyone can use. GoldenDict is a software acting dictionary. I don’t have a Mac in front of me right now, but tomorrow I’ll try to trouble-shoot the problem for you. You could try putting the dictionary file in another location and see if that works. Also you could try dragging the GoldenDict program into the Applications folder (that’s where I put it when I did the test to make sure everything was. Hello people from Goldendict, I used a bit goldendict 4 months ago, but I stopped because it crashed a lot when I loaded a Babylon dictionary. Now we're in version 1.0 and my Goldendict for Mac is in 0.8 and I noticed the developpers stopped developing the Goldendict for Mac.

  • Make, GCC, Git
  • Qt framework. Minimum required version is 4.6 for Windows, 4.5 for all other platforms. But Qt 4.7 or 4.8 is recommended.
  • If you want to use Qt 5.x then use branch qt4x5
  • Qt Creator IDE is recommended for development
  • Various libraries on Linux (png, zlib, etc)
  • On Mac and Windows all the libraries are already included in the repository

Installing External Deps on Ubuntu Linux

Goldendict Linux

Installing External Deps on Ubuntu Linux for Qt5

How to build

First, clone this repository, e.g.:

And then invoke qmake-qt4 and make:

In case when qmake-qt4 does not exist, try using qmake but make sure it is indeed from the Qt 4 installation.On the other hand, if you want to use qt5, make sure that qmake is from Qt 5 installation. If not, you can tryfinding it at a path like /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qmake.Alternatively, you might want to load file from within Qt Creator, especially on Windows.

Note: To compile with libhunspell older than 1.5 pass 'CONFIG+=old_hunspell' to qmake.

Building with Chinese conversion support

To add Chinese conversion support you need at first install libopencc-dev package:

Then pass 'CONFIG+=chinese_conversion_support' to qmake

Goldendict For Mac

Building with Zim dictionaries support

To add Zim and Slob formats support you need at first install lzma-dev package:


Then pass 'CONFIG+=zim_support' to qmake

Building without extra tiff handler

If you have problem building with libtiff5-dev package, you can pass'CONFIG+=no_extra_tiff_handler' to qmake in order to disable extra tiff support(without such extra support some b/w tiff images will not be displayed):

Building without Epwing format support

If you have problem building with libeb-dev package, you can pass'CONFIG+=no_epwing_support' to qmake in order to disable Epwing format support

Building without internal audio player

If you have problem building with FFmpeg/libao (for example, Ubuntu older than 12.04), you can pass'DISABLE_INTERNAL_PLAYER=1' to qmake in order to disable internal audio player completely:

NB: All additional settings for qmake that you need must be combined in one qmake launch, for example:

Then, invoke make clean before make because the setting change:

Building under Windows with MS Visual Studio

To build GoldenDict with Visual Studio take one of next library packs and unpack it to 'winlibs/lib/msvc' folder in GoldenDict sources folder.
GoldenDict_libs_VS2013_x86_v4.7z - for MS Visual Studio 2013, 32 bit
GoldenDict_libs_VS2013_x64_v4.7z - for MS Visual Studio 2013, 64 bit
GoldenDict_libs_VS2015_x86_v4.7z - for MS Visual Studio 2015, 32 bit
GoldenDict_libs_VS2015_x64_v4.7z - for MS Visual Studio 2015, 64 bit

To create project files for Visual Studio you can pass '-tp vc' option to qmake.

Note: In Qt 5.6.0 and later the Webkit module was removed from official release builds. You should to build it from sources to compile GoldenDict.


Installation is an optional step since the built binary can be used as-is without installation. But you can properly install via:

NB: Don't do that on Windows!



This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv3+ license, a copy of which can be found in the LICENSE.txt file.


Users looking for support should file an issue in the official GoldenDict issue tracker,or even better: submit a pull request if you have a fix available.General questions should be asked on the official GoldenDict forum.