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For whatever it's worth: I have a four- or five-year-old Kensington lock that works just fine with my daughter's brand-new Aluminum MacBook. I suppose the new locks might be made differently, but it seems unlikely that the shank which protrudes into the computer would have been shortened enough to prevent it from reaching through the MacBook's Aluminum sidewall — the only reason I can think of why a new Kensington lock might not work with a MacBook. There are still plenty of plastic-shelled notebook computers out there, and a plastic sidewall thinner than the MacBook's aluminum shell wouldn't provide much resistance at all against an effort to pull the lock out without unlocking it. So I suspect Kensington's lock will still reach through the MacBook case.

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The Mac Mini Lock and Mount allows you to fix the security bracket to any flat surface. You can safely screw the mount to a wall, desk, underside of a table, cabinet and even the back of a monitor. Once the bracket is secured all you need to do is slide your Mac Mini into the mount, align the cables with the patented cable trap and connect the. Where Do You Use It? If your computer rarely leaves your home and the house itself has good.

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The lock does block the usb port if the cable is going behind the computer. One thing that ive noticed with my kensington combo lock is that it isnt a tight fit against the computer. It jiggles around alot and seems to be causing wear and tear on the lock slot. Just get a lock that includes spacers to make the connection tight. Kensington Common Keying System. Kensington’s 5mm Common Keying System enables businesses to leverage a single tubular keying solution for securely managing all of their Kensington locks. The keying system is so small, it makes it even harder for people trying to pick it. A computer as sleek as the iMac deserves a lock just as stylish. The Kensington SafeDome Secure delivers with a dome design that compliments the iMac's aesthetics. It features the revolutionary ClickSafe lock that secures in just one click with our Ultra cable for.