Kerio MailServer for Mac Publisher's description. From Kerio Technologies, Inc. A single place to manage email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks. A single place to manage email, calendar, contacts, notes and tasks. Kerio MailServer will also run on Mac OS X or Linux. In addition to the server versions of these operating systems, it can also run on desktop versions. Kerio says you should use the version of an OS that you're most comfortable with, but the more users you're serving, the more robust server set-up. Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP. Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP (i.e. Kerio-api-php) is designed as a layer between user applications and Kerio products. With kerio-api-php, you can easily communicate directly with your server, e.g. Kerio Connect without diving deep into the underlining JSON-RPC architecture. On-Premise Kerio Mail Server Migration. Kerio Migrator can be installed and activated on Kerio Mail Server (Windows OS). User can run the migration from server to server without any glitches. In case of other OS servers user can create network drive to access mailbox folders from the Windows PC or Server where the program is installed.

Kerio MailServer is now Kerio Connect!

Kerio MailServer is a commercial mail and groupware server. It runs on Windows, Linux, & Mac OS X.

Its features include encrypted access using SSL, anti-virus & anti-spam protection, native over-the-air handheld synchronization, comfortable webmail interface, connector for Microsoft Outlook and groupware features. Administration is by a separate console application which can be run remotely. There is also a very limited web based administration facility.

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The Kerio MailServer product itself utilizes several open source products, including OpenSSL, SpamAssassin, PHP, and Qt.

While this product is discontinued, check out Kerio's current product line on their official website.

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