A Mac version will be released at a later date. The price is USD $78.00 but from August 2 to September 1, 2006, Kjaerhus is offering an introductory discount, reducing the price to USD $65.00. More From: KJAERHUS AUDIO. Mastering Limiter Gets More Precise 19-Jun-07; SNAMM06: Kjaerhus Audio Updates Spectra Synth 18-Jul-06. Classic Chorus by Kjaerhus Audio is a natural and clear sounding chorus VST plugin. It features delay times ranging from 1.25ms to 320 ms and stereo spread with modulation depth and rate. The Classic Chorus audio plugin supports sampling rates up to 96kHz, and is great for adding depth, phatness and stereo perspective to almost any sound signal.

The followingis alist ofdevelopers ofVST,VSTiand audiopluginswhose worksare availableon this blog,apartfromthislistthere are alsosomeother sources thatintentionally made availablefree of chargeto promote andhelplovers ofaudioediting
Antares : Plug-in developer
APB Tools : Dsp-software programming
Apogee : A/d d/a converters
Applied Acoustics Systems : Physically modeled synthesizers - sound synthesis studio
Arboretum Systems : Creators of video editing and audio plug-ins processing software
Astoundit Software : Macintosh and windows software for audio professionals and musicians.
Audio Impressions Inc : Pro audio plugins
Camel Audio : Award winning instruments and effects available as vst plugins and au
CASTOR6 - Computer Audio Studio Technology Online : Computer audio studio technology online resource six
Cockos Incorporated : Makers of reaper digital audio workstation, ninjam, reaplugs vst plugins
Dadev : Plugins design and development. compressors, reverbs, synthesizers.
DontCrac[k] : The ultimate resource for audio freeware downloads and shareware distribu
DSP FX : Directx audio plug-ins
DUY : Professional audio software plug-ins for tdm, rtas, au, vst& mas.
Duy Research : Digital signal processing
Eiosis : Highend audio plugins : els vocoder, aireq tdm...
Fat-ass : Plugins for vst hosts such as cubase and fl studio
GForce Software Ltd, : Software synthzizer plugins
GMEDIA Music : Plug-ins
Guitar Effects Software : Turn pc into guitar effects processor using guitarfx 3 free software
Har-Bal International : An fir digital eq designed for audio mastering
Hyperprism : Real time audio processing software
IK Multimedia : Cutting edge music software
ILok : Copy protection dongle for music software
Kelly Industries : Developers of the panhandler surround sound plug-ins for adobe premiere
Kjaerhus Audio : Software development is computer based audio processing and production.
Lexicon Inc : Professional audio digital fx processors
Mark´s Recording Studio A/S : Recoding studio denmark
Mathewlane.com : Independent music professional
Metric Halo Laboratories : Creators of the spectrafoo visual audio monitoring system
MHC Synthesizers And Effects : Vst plugins for windows
Minnetonka Audio Software : Surround sound tools for authoring, processing and encoding
Monkey Tools : Software based audio tools
Mu Technologies : Taking you to the edge of vocal processing
Native Instruments : Reaktor soft synth and sampler
Ohm Force : Audio tools, instruments and effects for the musician
Prosoniq Products Software : Advanced audio editing/post production software
PSP - Professional Sound Projects : Vst plug-ins for mac and pc
Real Sound Lab : Unique loudspeaker correction system - coneq
Refx : Software synthesizer effects
SAWStudio France : Official french website for sawstudio products
Sony Plug-Ins Web Site : Plug-in software from the oxford team hat designed the oxf-r3
Soundmagic FX : Digital singal processes for the macintosh
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH : The worldwide brand for audio software
Syntrillium Software : Digital audio recorder
TC Works : Pro audio plug-ins for mac & pc [Press]
The Sound Guy, Inc. : Sfx machine rt, audio effects plug-in for mac and windows
Ultrafunk : Media - design - tools: we create audio and video software and plug-ins.
Universal Audio : Pro audio manufacturing
Virtual Music Composer : Algorithmic composition, composing music with a computers
Voxengo : Professional pc audio software, vst plug-ins, reverb impulses.
VRSonic, Inc. : Vrsonic surround sound solutions for vr, sound design, film, games
Wave Mechanics : Professional-quality digital audio processing tools
Waveframe : Digital audio workstation
Waves Ltd : Software signal processors
Wholegrain Digital Systems LLC : Wholegrain digital systems - high precision digital signal processors
WWAYM : High quality instruments and effects

Kjaerhus Audio Plugins For Mac Os

Looking for a way to add some depth and movement to your tracks without spending a load of cash? Or do you want to incorporate some dubby effects without investing in a costly and temperamental tape delay device? Delay plug-ins could be the solution.

These delay plug-ins deliver all the benefits of hardware delay units with the convenience of software. Best of all, they’re totally free!

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Intro: About Delay Plugins

Delays are devices that add repeats or echoes to any sound that is routed through them. In the hardware realm, delays come in various types, from tape-equipped mechanisms to analog bucket brigade devices, to DSP units.

In the software world, there are delay plugins that aim to replicate the sound and functionalities of classic hardware devices. There are also more fully-featured units that incorporate modulation, and various other features that go well beyond what typical delays have to offer.

Even with the advent of DSP units and advanced-algorithm delay plug-ins, many musicians and producers continued to prefer hardware delays for their immediacy and warmer sound. But many current delay plug-ins now come close to replicating the warmth and idiosyncratic sounds of hardware devices. Even free plug-ins now compare favorably to the most revered hardware delay devices.

Best Free Delay VST/AU Plugins

Kjaerhus Audio Plugins For Mac Osx

The List

Plugin Roundup

Voxengo’s Tempo Delay is a stereo delay plugin intended for a wide variety of production applications.

As the name implies, it is a tempo-based delay that enables the setting of delay times in musical values according to the specified BPM. It also has a tremolo and a filter section.


Like the delay values, these can be adjusted independently for the left and right channels.

The Tempo Delay packs on a wealth of features that would be impressive even in a “for pay” plug-in. This could easily handle the majority of your delay needs.

Kjaerhus Audio Plugins For Mac Windows 10

Lagrange by Ursa DSP is a stereo delay that ups the ante by incorporating elements of granular synthesis. By capturing grains from different parts of the delay buffer, this plug-in can crank out some truly wild and wonderful sounds.

Lagrange is fully capable of producing more typical delay effects of course. But a simple twist of the delay knob or the feedback control results in everything from resonant, metallic clangs to evolving alien soundscapes.

Even if you already have a delay plug-in that you’re happy with, the Lagrange is a worthy addition to your arsenal.

Valhalla’s Freq Echo is another delay plug-in that can handle more vanilla echoes and repeats like a champ. But where it really shines is in its ability to spit out anything from swirling flanging and phasing to some of the most psychedelic textures you have ever heard.

Despite its simple and utilitarian interface, Freq Echo is capable of an exciting assortment of sounds. It even does a great job at cranking out warm and enigmatic dub echoes!

Kjaerhus audio plugins for mac download

Kjaerhus Audio Classic Delay is a bit more of a “typical” delay plug-in than the ones mentioned thus far, but it is certainly no less capable. Three modes are provided–Tape, Analog, and Digital–and each does a great job of approximating their associated modes without introducing any additional noise.

Kjaerhus Audio Plugins For Mac Download

There is a “quality” control that allows you to introduce varying amounts of “imperfection”, adding to the realism of the sound.

Although the Audio Classic Delay doesn’t quite get into the freaky territory as readily as other more esoteric delay plug-ins, it can do some fairly outrageous effects care of the reversible feedback. A good, solid delay that should make a nice companion to your other quirkier plug-ins.

The WatKat is a clone of the Wem Watkins “Custom” Copicat that is billed as a “Tribute to Charlie Watkins”. Like the original hardware unit that inspired its design, the plug-in is noisy, unpredictable, and wonderfully lo-fi.

How closely it actually replicates the sound of the Copicat is up for contention. But one thing is for sure: the Watkat does add a lot of character to your tracks.

Cockos’ ReaDelay is part of the ReaPlugs FX suite that will be familiar to users of the company’s celebrated Reaper DAW.

ReaDelay is a multi-tap delay that can have individual delays of as long as 10 seconds, with practically no tap count limit.

Tap lengths can be set to time values or quarter notes. The option to choose one or the other is always good to have in a delay, and it is an especially nice touch in a free plug-in.

++audio’s Rubbadub excels at thick and dirty dub delay, but it can handle various other task as well.

The good range of modulation options make it capable of producing cool flanger effects, and there is even a variable filter for more creative options. Unfortunately, it is not available for download at this moment, and we don’t know when it will be.

Top Pick

All these delays are actually pretty good, and you really can’t go wrong with any one of them. Some are better suited to certain applications than others of course, as in the case of Valhalla’s Freq Echo’s capability to product modulated delays. But they can all handle a broad range of delay tasks, from standard echoes and slapback to flanging and chorusing, to more outlandish effects.

That being said, one plug-in stands out in particular: Voxengo’s Tempo Delay. With its array of features, its modulation options, and great sound, this is one of the best free delay vst plugins that can stand up proudly against the best paid offerings on the market.