Today’s Topic: Microsoft project Alternative for MAC; Microsoft Project is a project management software product, used worldwide by many kinds of firms in multiple fields. The product has its variables in every product, therefore, every third company has use of it. In this article, we will discuss the top best alternative for MAC, regarding Microsoft project.

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The bad news is, Microsoft Project for Mac no longer exists. The good news is there are some seriously better alternatives for Mac users in 2020. The last version of Microsoft Project for Mac died way back in 1994 so we’ve taken a look at the best project management software for Mac of 2020 that are the best equivalents to Microsoft Project on macOS. Since MS Project was designed and optimized specifically for the Windows operating system, MS Project does not work on Mac. The reason being is that MS Project and Mac cannot talk to each other and it wasn't designed for those computers. If people some how manged to make it work, it wouldn't run properly and you may not be able to use it to its. Unfortunately Microsoft Project, also known as MS Project, wasn’t designed for Mac computers, so it won’t work on any version of Mac OS. But there is a workaround that can solve your problem. It’s not complicated, and in fact, it’s easier to use than the MSP interface.


Good news for a project manager, that there are lots f best alternative options available – Cheaper and cost-effective. Although you can found hundreds of options, here we will describe only the best option for you relates to our company.

It allows you to develop a schedule, schedule tasks, assign work, maintain the budget, and maintain deadlines and more. Now obviously, being a useful Microsoft Product comes with its perks for Windows OS users. The software is available only on Windows platforms which in my opinion, makes it a tad bit controversial for MAC OS.

Project Viewer 365 for Mac allows project team members to open MS Project MPP Plans from cloud locations like Google Drive. Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Box, Basecamp, URL Links and email attachments. Project Viewer 365 for Mac is compatible with Microsoft Project (MPP file format) 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and earlier versions. Microsoft Project is the best project, portfolio, and resource management solution—but it’s not available on macOS®. However, with Parallels Desktop® for Mac, Apple® users can use a Windows virtual machine (VM) to run Microsoft Project on Mac®. Getting started with running MS Project on macOS is easy: Download a trial of Parallels Desktop.

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For this reason, many MAC users have to opt for different ways in order to get their MS Project needs going.

Following are some of their options, a Microsoft Project alternative software for MAC and an additional bonus way to get Microsoft Project Running on your MAC:

Microsoft Project Alternatives for MAC:

Install a virtual machine, such as a virtual box on your already existing MAC. Below we explain the best Alternatives according to their specifications.

Q: What is a Virtual Machine?

Answer: A Virtual Machine is basically just software, which allows you to allocate a part of your hard drive, memory, and other resources to another OS within your OS. This allows you to install multiple OS within one OS and it is a pretty cool feature.

  1. However, this eventually leads to slowing down your PC when the virtual machine runs for reasonable times which is obviously not ideal.
  2. So, your first option for using a Microsoft Project on MAC is by installing a virtual machine, installing a Windows OS on your virtual machine and then getting yourself a Microsoft Project software.

Another option is using third-party app sharing software products if you’re a large enterprise who can only afford a cut in this part of the budget and you have to use MS Project only then this may be your best shot. Also, please note that managing servers and sharing remote connections can be an extremely difficult process and only the professionals should deal with it.

It’s obviously not impossible to do this individually but, this way will require more than a couple of head itches and nervous breakdowns. So let’s not keep you waiting and take you to the only product that’s worth your time in this case.

  1. Project Plan 365: This simple, yet powerful product is the only one available in the market that can open, edit and save new projects in the exact format as Microsoft Project. It’s just that simple, a direct MS Project alternative released in 2018.

Also, please take a minute to imagine the pain people had to go through before December 2018. The other option was only to get a PC instead of MAC because it brought that much frustration.

  1. Bonus Alternative for MS Project – TeamViewer: Well that’s right, I don’t know if it has crossed your mind or not but you can connect a PC to a MAC using a team viewer. In order to do that, you do need an active and good internet connection.

Teamviewer is a software that allows you to connect one pc to another and share its view and operate it in any way you like, and it’s free.

Just install TeamViewer on both, a PC that has MS Project installed and the MAC. Connect the Teamviewer in MAC to the PC using id and password it provides and boom, there’s your MS Project through a foolproof way. Although it does require the presence of a PC it is ideal in a case where your office has a PC and your home computer is a MAC or vice versa.

Microsoft Project – Is there any free version of MS Project?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is no. MS Project is a project managing software developed and sold by Microsoft. So unless you’re using a pirated version which I am not suggesting you to do that in any case, there’s really no way.

Best Alternatives for Microsoft Project for All Platforms:

I have combined together a bunch of MS Project alternatives. Following is a list of best alternatives for Microsoft Project (both free and paid):

  • ToDoList: This is an excellent alternative for beginners and the best part is that it’s free to use. The product is not very comprehensive but it’s great for small businesses, projects, and freelancers. You can manage your tasks, customize reports, and make online documentation and more using ToDoList. Moreover, you can also use milestones to manage your large tasks.
  • Basecamp: Basecamp is another good option but it’s paid, the pricing starts at 100$/month. The application is a full-blown project managing product and allows you to observe tasks, calendars, assign tasks as objectives and in short pretty much every project managing need.

Like ToDoList, this one is also available on multiple platforms including Windows, MAC, and iOS.

  • ProjectLibre: ProjectLibre has an active online community, it’s free and considers itself the closest to MS Project. The product has complete features for Project Managing software including Gantt charts and dependencies.
  • Clarizen: Clarizen is very easy to manage and use alternatives for MS Project. It has all the functionalities that a Project Manager requires and more. The product also has a great timeline observing features. The product is not free, however, on the Clarizen official website, you may be able to request the management to give you a suitable price according to your needs.
  • Scoro: As a project manager, you can use Scoro to assign tasks to your users, you can assign responsibilities and later on link the done tasks to your clients. This Project Managing product comes with big-time businesses and creative use. To illustrate its relevance to MS Project better, the cloud-based software product has all the features of time-tracking, task scheduling, and reporting.

Conclusion (Summarized)

Microsoft Project For Mac Free

In summary, I agree that MS Project comes with great benefits and used at a great price but let’s be real, the alternatives of this product exist. This article is based on 2019 reviews about different software about Microsoft project Alternative for MAC. On the basis of 2019 reviews, we will forecast the best option for small businesses or other medium-size businesses.


While some people do not ever choose any other product when compared to MS Project, the others, at the same time did find a way to make their ends meet. If you have some questions relates to MS project, then team could help you regarding choosing the options.

Multipart article

by Diana Ramos on Apr 16, 2019

If you’re looking for a way to run Microsoft Project on a Mac, unfortunately, you’re going to find that this isn’t possible. MS Project wasn’t built for Mac operating systems, meaning it won’t work on any Mac computer you’re using.

However, there is an easy way to solve this problem so you can continue to create powerful project management tools - like Gantt charts, which can help you track project tasks against a predetermined timeline - without having to give up your Mac computer.

The solve is easier than trying to run MS Project on your Mac, and it requires little effort to get started. Smartsheet enables you to import all MSP documents into its familiar, easy-to-use interface so you can keep working on your projects in a collaborative, Mac-friendly tool. It’s free to try, so you can test out how easy it is to track and manage your projects using your Mac computer.

How to Use MS Project on a Mac

If you’re interested in using MS Project, but are also working on a Mac computer, the most efficient, user-friendly solution to this common problem is Smartsheet.

Smartsheet integrates seamlessly on both Mac and PC operating systems, so you can manage, track, and report on your projects from anywhere, on any device. Smartsheet enables you to import all MS Project files directly, so you won’t miss a beat.

You can also choose from a variety of pre-built templates to help manage additional project details, like budgets, resources, inventory, and tasks. To get started, follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Sign Up for Your Free Trial

To get started on editing and managing your MS Project files using your Mac computer, sign up for your free Smartsheet trial to discover a collaborative, real-time way to manage your projects, from ideation to completion.

It’s free for 30 days, so you can try out the tool, import your existing MS Project files, and test out the many project management capabilities, like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, calendar view, and more.

Step 2: Import Your Microsoft Project Files

Once you’ve signed up for your free trial, log in to your new Smartsheet account and follow the below steps to import your existing MPP files into Smartsheet.

1. First, navigate to the ‘+’ icon on the left hand navigation bar. From there, select the Import button.


2. You will be brought to a screen that allows you to select what type of file you want to import. Select Microsoft Project.

3. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you with a tip box that details helpful tricks to remember as you import your file, and tips to help you get started.

4. Then, in the Import window, select which MPP file you would like to import from your computer, name it, and click Continue.

Ms Project Mac Version

5. The MPP file will appear as a new sheet on the Home tab in the left panel.

Step 3: Start Planning, Tracking, and Managing Projects in Smartsheet

Edit, customize, and continue to manage and track your projects using Smartsheet, which offers greater functionality, including easier user adoption, flexible views, like Gantt, grid, Kanban card, and calendar, interactive Gantt capabilities, mobile accessibility, and more.

For more information on additional MS Project alternatives, visit this article, which details what to look for in your alternative tool, and how using a Mac doesn’t need to inhibit your ability to create effective PM solutions.

How to Create a Gantt Chart on a Mac

Gantt charts are one of the most popular project management tools to use when looking to effectively plan, organize, and track a project, and all of its components. If you’re looking to create a Gantt chart on your Mac OS, visit this article for step-by-step instructions and a quick tutorial video.

10 Essential Features You Need in a Gantt Chart Software for a Mac

1. Create Timelines:

Microsoft Project For Mac Os X

This sounds like a basic feature, but timelines are at the heart of a Gantt chart and should work the way you do. When creating timelines, they should handle dependencies, which let you identify when one task needs to be completed before another one can start. It should also handle predecessor tasks - a feature that lets you create dependencies between tasks. Look for an option that automatically updates timelines as events change in the project.

2. Import/Export Multiple File Formats:

Not everyone you work with is using the same program as you, so be sure the Gantt chart software for Mac you select can support multiple file formats. Since Microsoft Project is such a widely adopted program, Gantt chart software for Macs should import and export Microsoft Project files. It should also import and export other popular file formats such as Adobe PDF and PNG image files. This allows you to both print and share the Gantt chart to others that may not have the same software.

3. Sync With Cloud Services:

With so much work done in the cloud today, select a Gantt chart program that syncs with popular cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. One of the benefits of saving and accessing a Gantt chart from the cloud is that you’ll be able to access it on web-enabled devices, so you don’t need to be at the office to check on the status of a project. If you use a different cloud service, the program you pick should sync with it as well.

4. Create Calendars:

A Gantt chart offers a great high-level overview of a project, but some project managers prefer to track deadlines using a calendar view. Many programs provide the option of viewing the Gantt chart as a calendar, but it would be more useful if it could integrate with the calendar app you already use. Whether you use Google Calendar or Apple’s iCal to manage your schedule, the Gantt chart software should support calendar overlays (appointments in Google Calendar or iCal can be added to the Gantt chart) and the ability to update tasks from those calendar apps.

5. Customize Views:

One way to make Gantt charts really work for you is to customize them to suit your needs. Perhaps you want to select or change the colors of the bars or add new shades to represent different parts of the project. Can you set-up automatic alerts when a deadline for a task is approaching or has passed? You should also be able to annotate tasks by adding text to the chart. Not everyone working on a project needs to see the big picture; the Gantt chart program you select should allow you to create custom views for different team members.

6. Share and Collaborate with Team Members:

A Gantt chart isn’t just for project managers, it should be a useful tool for all of the team members working on a project. That’s why sharing features are an essential requirement. Be wary of programs that require you to buy a license for others to view or use the Gantt chart. This feature needs to be built-in. Team members should have the ability to leave comments and chat with others looking at the chart. With that in mind, in addition to working on a Mac, the program should support multiple platforms such as Linux and Windows. This will give people access to the Gantt chart regardless of the type of computer they use.

7. Integrate with iPhone and iPad:

If you’re a Mac user, chances are you have either an iPad or iPhone that you’d like to use to track a project. Make sure the option you choose allows you to view Gantt charts on your mobile devices. If you rely heavily on your iPhone or iPad, then look for a solution that also allows you to edit the chart on those products. Make sure to ask which versions of the OS are supported.

8. Drag and Drop for Schedules:

This comes down to how you enter information on your Gantt chart and general ease of use. Once your tasks are created, see if you can drag a specific task on the chart to change the duration or the due date. How easy is it to create dependencies between tasks? Can you just drag a line between them or do you need to enter more information?

9. Create and Modify Milestones:

A milestone is a marker denoting a major part of any project. That can be an event or a task completion. Either way, it’s essential that you have the capability to easily add milestones in order to visually track major moments of the project cycle. Adding a milestone shouldn’t affect the other events in the chart, however, you should be able to associate tasks with it.

10. Generate Detailed Reports:

Reporting is key to any project. Gantt charts contain a ton of information that you’ll want to export in a form that allow you to easily track the status of a project, see which teams are (and aren't) on track, and make adjustments as needed. Look for a solution where you can create project status reports. Better yet, it should let you automatically generate reports that are then sent to you on a regular basis. If other people on the team need to see the report but don’t have the same software, make sure you can export the report in a format that works for them, such as PDF or Excel.
Most Gantt software programs include dozens of other helpful features. Look for a program with an intuitive search tool, so you can quickly find additional useful features that will help you work more efficiently.

Use this quick checklist to see whether or not the Gantt chart software you're considering has the best features you'll need to effectively manage your projects.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Gantt Chart Software and the Benefits of Using One

Gantt chart software has historically been relegated to MS Project, but this is no longer the case. In fact, people tend to run into some general, widespread challenges with MS Project, specifically regarding cost, version control, and security and accessibility features — on top of it being incompatible with the Mac OS.

There are many Gantt chart software options on the market today, but choosing the one that integrates into your existing processes and provides the levels of support and detail that you need is critical to the success of your projects — and to your ROI.

Learn more about top features to consider as you search for a Gantt chart software.
Visit Our Gantt Chart Software Page

Additional Project Management Resources for Mac

Now that you have a way to manage projects and create Gantt charts on your Mac device, we've got additional resources, including guides and templates, to help you better track, manage, and report on your projects from start and finish.

Discover a Better, More Collaborative Way to Manage, Track, and Report on Projects

In order to run the most effective projects and deliver them on time and on budget, you need a collaborative, real-time way to track all project details, from beginning to end. To do so, you need a project management solution that provides an easy way to update project details, manage resources, track budget, and keep all stakeholders in the loop.

Microsoft Projects For Mac

One such solution is Smartsheet, a work execution platform that enables enterprises and teams to get from idea to impact — fast. Top project management leaders rely on Smartsheet to help align the right people, resources, and schedules to get work done.

Use Smartsheet to create consistent project elements, increase speed, and improve collaboration with scalable options that fit individual work preferences. Hold yourself and your team accountable, improve visibility into team priorities, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Try Smartsheet to discover a collaborative, real-time way to manage your projects, from ideation to completion.

Discover a more collaborative, real-time way to manage your projects.