Nero is world famous for burning DVDs and CDs in Windows. However, currently Nero doesn't provide a Mac version of its DVD burner and there is no development plan for Nero for Mac. Therefore, many people are asking whether there is a program similar to Nero for Mac OS X for burning DVDs. Burn is a free optical disc authoring application with a simple interface that offers a lot.

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Are you experiencing any challenge in burning CDs and DVDs on your Mac OS X El Capitan? In case you are experiencing such challenges then you can always find the best alternatives that will enhance your activities. There are various top rated alternatives for the Nero for Mac 10.11 that you will definitely love. Some of these include:

1. DVD Creator for Mac

iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac is one of the best alternatives to Nero for Mac OS X EL Captain. It works very effectively as it can easily turn videos and even photos into the DVD home movies in the shortest time possible. It is also able to import audio files, pictures and videos. The software provides different burning alternatives as you can burn video to DVD media, ISO file, DVD Folders and even to DVD disc.

  • It is very fast and perfect
  • Able to burn a wide variety of different video formats
  • Able to burn home movies to DVD
  • Able to personalize your movies suitable for any occasion
  • You can make photos slideshows and burn to DVD

2. Liquid CD

This is another great alternative to Nero for Mac. It is very perfect as it allows you to burn anything natively supported by the Mac OS. It is very lightweight and simple CD and DVD burner that you will definitely love. It has a very impressive cover since it can handle both data and audio CD or DVD burning. Besides this, it is able to burn the Dreamcast CDS.


  • It is very simple to use
  • Able to burn a large number of formats
  • It is very fast and perfect


  • It lacks preferences and may suffer from different bugs

3. Express burn

This is a smart software that you can easily download for quality burning CDs and DVDs. The software will enable you to quickly create and record discs. It is very reliable as it supports different audio formats like the MP3, wma and flac among others. It also commands the ability of operation line, and supports the Blu-Ray disc burners.


  • It supports several audio formats
  • It is able to fix bugs
  • Supports the Blu-Ray disc burners
  • Very simple to use
  • It is downloaded for free


  • It is not very perfect for movies, though excellent for other basic uses

4. SimplyBurns

The SimplyBurns is another excellent alternative to Nero for Mac OS X EL Captain since it functions exemplary good. The software is free from virus and very easy to download. It features three different modes that comprise of the burn image mode, disc ripping mode and the duplication mode. Besides this, it also comes with the data and audio project that makes it very perfect for its operation. Generally, it is very easy to run making it very ergonomic. The latest version comes with the enhanced performance of the data project.


  • It is free and simple to download
  • Can always be used with a hangover
  • It has a very elementary interface
  • Comes with many reliable features for basic running


Free nero cd burning download
  • It may not be as versatile as you may expect

5. Burn

The burn is also another world-class alternative to Nero for Mac that guarantees you quality CDS and DVDs burning. It is a simple but advanced burning software for Mac. It enables you to share your movies, keep your files very safe and allows for converting. It is absolutely free, hence you don’t pay for the download. This is one of the best alternatives to Nero for Mac 10.11.


  • It is very simple and ergonomic
  • It guarantees you the safety of your files
  • Allows for both sharing and conversion of files


  • It has not shown any serious challenge to the users, hence very perfect

6. DVDStyler

This is another world-class software that allows you to burn CDs and DVDs very fast. It is very excellent as it supports over 150 formats and also comes with a free Menu. It is able to burn photos, audio and videos in the shortest time possible. With the interactive menus, it is able to create and burn DVD video perfectly. The software also features both drop and drag making very reliable and convenient for its function.


  • It’s user friendly
  • Has a very flexible menu creation
  • Supports a wide range of formats like MP4, OGG and MPEG-2 among others
  • It is very fast and perfect in its operations
  • Allows for both cropping and trimming


  • May come with some gaming software that cannot be easily deleted after downloading

7. Disco

This smart software allows comes with different supportive features that will greatly boost the burning of CDs and DVDs. It allows for audio burning, file burning and discography. Besides these, it also allows spanning and imaging. The software always creates CD/DVDs based on different file systems like UDF, PC Joliet, ISO 9660 and hybrid among others.


  • It is very simple to download
  • It comes with great features that boost its function
  • Comes with the CD multi session support


  • It has not shown any problem to the users, hence very perfect alternative to Nero for Mac

8. SmallDVD

This is a small authoring DVD utility suitable for the Mac OS X. It will therefore burn video files from the Disk utility as it creates the DVD image. It also features other different command line tools and an AppleScript front end for the DVD author.


Nero Burning For Mac Os
  • It is very ergonomic
  • It is simple and fast to download
  • Burns both CDs and DVDs faster than expected
  • Supports wide range of formats
  • It is downloaded for free


  • Has no drawbacks

9. BurnX

The BurnX is also another high quality alternative to Nero for Mac OS X EL Captain. The software is downloaded for free and shows the path for each file. It also supports the recording for DVD and has a new eject button. The software allows burning CD through dropping and dragging folders and files to the main window.


  • Free download
  • It can easily erase a CD-RW
  • Its localization comes in English, Spanish and French


Free Nero Cd Burning Download

  • It hasn’t shown any kind of complexity

10. Firestarter FX

This is a burning application that operates on Mac OS X only and is a pure cocoa. This software gives you a first time over-burning that is available to Mac OS X. It also allows you to back up CDs that are both Apple’s Disc copy and Roxio Toast that cannot copy.


Nero Mac Os X

  • It comes with many customized options for speed and cache among others
  • It is perfect for burning ISOs
  • It is free to download
  • It is perfect for burning Linux Live CDs


Nero For Mac Free Download

  • Doesn’t allow for an update