1. Query Ip For Mac Operating System
  2. Query Ip For Mac Windows 7
Thefollowing SQL query provides Machine name, MAC address and IP Address.

Here is the SQL equivalent if you wish to use that instead to pull the information out of your ConfigMgr database: SELECT DISTINCT SYS. IPAddresses0, NET. MACAddress0, BIOS. SMBIOSBIOSVersion0, BIOS. SerialNumber0 FROM dbo. VRASystemIPSubnets IPSUB INNER JOIN dbo. VRSystem SYS ON IPSUB. ResourceID = SYS. I have wireless internet router, and I am receiving his ip and MAC address. For everyone who wants a source code for a program like wnetwatcher and angry scanner (WiFi Scanner). I have an end device's MAC and IP address. I want to get the switchport info. The discovery settings for the end device's range is set to Exclude from Management. Documentation says: 'Setting ranges for Exclude from Management is useful for devices you may not want to manage, but want to know about for inventory purposes.'

Query Ip For Mac Operating System

Query ip for mac versions

Query Ip For Mac Windows 7

SELECTv_RA_System_ResourceNames.Resource_Names0AS [Resource name], v_RA_System_MACAddresses.MAC_Addresses0 AS [MAC Address],
v_RA_System_IPAddresses.IP_Addresses0 AS [IP Address]
Macv_RA_System_ResourceNamesON v_RA_System_MACAddresses.ResourceID = v_RA_System_ResourceNames.ResourceIDINNER JOIN
Query Ip For Macv_RA_System_IPAddressesON v_RA_System_MACAddresses.ResourceID = v_RA_System_IPAddresses.ResourceID
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