Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to get to commands faster and enter data more easily and efficiently. With most software programs, I tend to look for keyboard shortcuts to speed things up, and Quickbooks is no exception. If you’re not currently using keyboard shortcuts or are only using a few of them, I think you’ll find some of these will really enhance your data entry experience.

Stickies is simple note taking app that comes pre-installed with your Mac. The main reason for using this app, if any, is perhaps that it is already there. It doesn’t sync with iCloud and doesn’t let you conveniently browse through all notes that you’ve added. Quick Note is a free Mac app from Diigo that lets you sync notes using its. Outline is a powerful, full featured note-taker for iPad and Mac OS X, perfect for students, teachers, physicians, lawyers, executives and everyone who needs to sketch ideas, organize notes, annotate documents, keep any kind of journals. Note: The information in this article applies to the most current version of OneNote for Mac.Like most modern software, OneNote is frequently updated to add new functionality and to improve existing features. Please check back periodically for new and recently updated questions and answers. On my Windows version, I believe I can press Windows + N (or something like that) to open up a new Quick Note window (looks like a sticky note). Is there a way to do this on the Mac version? I like being able to quickly start up a new note without having to bring OneNote. Download IBM Notes 9.0.1 for Mac from our website for free. The unique ID for this app's bundle is The following version: 9.0 is the most frequently downloaded one by the program users. The latest version of the program is supported on Mac OS X 10.6 or later. Our antivirus scan shows that this Mac download is clean.

Mac Os Note App

Also, check out this video learn keyboard shortcuts and see them in action.

Quick Note For Mac Os High Sierra

QuickBooks > PreferencesCommand-, (comma)
QuickBooks > Hide QuickBooksCommand-H
QuickBooks > Hide OthersOption-Command-H
QuickBooks > Quit QuickBooksCommand-Q
File > New CompanyOption-Command-N
File > Open CompanyCommand-O
File > Close CompanyOption-Command-W
File > Close windowCommand-W
File > PrintCommand-P
Window > MinimizeCommand-M
Help > QuickBooks HelpCommand-?
Display contextual menuControl-click
Display product and company file informationCommand-1
Edit > UndoCommand-Z
Edit > CutCommand-X
Edit > CopyCommand-C
Edit > PasteCommand-V
Edit > Insert LineCommand-Y
Edit > Delete LineCommand-B
Edit > EditCommand-E
Edit > NewCommand-N
Edit > DeleteCommand-D
Edit > MemorizeCommand-+ (plus)
Edit > Transaction HistoryCommand-U
Edit > Copy TransactionOption-Command-C
Edit > Go To TransferCommand-G
Edit > Show ListCommand-L
Edit > Use RegisterCommand-R
Edit > FindCommand-F
Delete character to left of insertion pointDelete
Increase check or other form number by one+ (plus key)
Decrease check or other form number by one– (minus key)
CancelCommand-. (period)
Lists > Chart of AccountsShift-Command-A
Lists > Customer:JobsShift-Command-J
Lists > EmployeesShift-Command-E
Lists > ItemsShift-Command-I
Lists > Memorized TransactionsShift-Command-M
Lists > VendorsShift-Command-V
Customers > Create InvoicesCommand-I
Banking > Write ChecksCommand-K
Reports > Transaction JournalCommand-T
Moving around a windowShortcut
Next fieldTab
Previous fieldShift–Tab
Report column to the rightRight Arrow
Report column to the leftLeft Arrow
Report row below orline below in form detail areaDown Arrow
Report row above orline above in form detail areaUp Arrow
Display list if cursor is in combo box field like the Customer:Job field in the Create Invoices windowNote: This keyboard shortcut may interfere with the same shortcut used in the Mac OS program Spaces. To prevent this, go to the Mac OS system preferences and change the keystrokes for Spaces.Control–Down Arrow
Down one screenPgDn
Up one screenPgUp
First item on list or first transaction of a month in registerCommand-PgUp*
Last item on list or first transaction of a month in registerCommand-PgDn*
First transaction in registerCommand-Home*
Last transaction in registerCommand-End*
Close all windows in QuickBooksShift-+ click the close box
Next day+ (plus key)
Previous day– (minus key)
First day of the weekw
Last day of the weekk
First day of the monthm
Last day of the monthh
First day of the yeary
Last day of the yearr

* On notebook computers, press the Fn key at the same time.