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Best Mac router 2020. The 'new normal' means we’re all spending more time online at home, so it's worth investing in a new wireless router to upgrade Wi-Fi performance for your. Mac OS X has a command-line utility for performing a route print called 'netstat'. The routing table of a device displays the various paths an application may take to reach various network resources. When connected to the UNH VPN, various routes may be assigned to your device to allow network access to such resources.

Do you want to identify the internet path as well as the time of communication between the remote server and your PC? Then a traceroute software is the perfect solution that you may find helpful.


These high performance traceroute software help you to diagnose internet data such as data loss, response time, the path between the server and your PC and much more. Here is a list of top traceroute software that you can try and keep your internet connection secure and in highly performing condition.


Open Visual Traceroute

Open Visual Traceroute is one of the best traceroute software that works as a perfect network analyzer and sniffer for your connection. It can perfectly display network route, measure transit delays of packets and more. It acts as perfect traceroute, packet sniffer, Whois and 3D and 2D map visualization. Download online.

The Tracer

The Tracer is another perfect option that can offer you multiple solutions like traceroute, Whois and port scanner in one app. It helps you identify the location of a person or website along with more useful details. With all these features you can measure transit delays of packets on the internet along with identifying the registered assignees of domain names or IPs.


Free Tools

Mac Os Route Command

Free Ping and Traceroute Tool is a powerful traceroute software that lets you know if your servers are running perfectly or not. With this tool, you can identify packet loss percentage, fetch round trip time and number of hops. It lets you monitor up to ten websites at one time.

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Best Traceroute Software for Windows – Path Analyzer Pro

Mac Route Command

Path Analyzer Pro is an ultimate traceroute software that lets you perform network route-tracing, Whois, DNS, and network resolution to investigate network issues. This software lets you research IP addresses, e-mail addresses, and network paths. It helps you determine what ISP, router, or server is responsible for a network problem and visually analyze a network’s path characteristics.

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Best Traceroute Software for Mac – Nice Trace – traceroute

Nice Trace is a perfect Mac utility that lets you keep your network under control. It effectively traces route from your PC to server with an easy and user-friendly interface & animations. This program lists all the problems and bottlenecks in your internet connection thus helping you troubleshoot the issues conveniently.

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Best Traceroute Software for Android – Traceroute

Traceroute is a simple analog Unix traceroute software for your android device that supports ICMP and UDP mode. This helps you trace an IP, gets all the info in-between IPs, trace the path between host and server and more useful information about your network connection. Download this software instantly and trace your network perfectly.

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Most Popular Traceroute Software – VisualRoute

VisualRoute is one of the most popular traceroute software that helps you explore key diagnostic data like packet loss, response time, the path between a host server and user-friendly organized traceroute table. It comes with features like reverse trace, reverse DNS, ping plotting, continuous traceroute, IP location report and more. You can also see DNS Server Software

What is Traceroute Software?

Traceroute software, as the name suggest are the tools that help internet service providers, as well as end users, identify major facts associated with a network connection. These output list of traversed routers in a text format with the information like time taken by the host to contact a server, the path followed between host and network and more. You can also see VPN Server Software

These also help you measure the transit delays of packets throughout an internet protocol network. Most of the software also come with the features of a ping tool thus helping you to stay aware of the health of your network connection and keep it in perfectly working condition.

All the above listed traceroute software are one of the best options that can help you determine your network health, the path of data packets are following, knowing the details about IPs, domains and more conveniently. So download any of these options and maintain the health of your internet connection for long.

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