• How to Enable Split Screen Mode on Mac. Whenever you open an app or browser on Mac, you will notice three options at the upper left corner – Minimize, Close, and Full Screen.
  • This has extended to many applications, including Apple’s own Mail app. One frustrating issue has been when the Mail app opens in split screen all by itself. Mail opening in Split Screen on macOS Catalina. This bug may not be exactly new to Catalina, but the Apple Mail app has been wreaking havoc on users for quite some time.
  • With the Apple OS X operating system, any Mac computer screen can be split across two monitors. The MacBook will automatically detect the second monitor and configure itself for the optimal resolution. By default, the second monitor will display the same screen as the MacBook's display.
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Full screens means that any app or window (e.g., the Mail app) occupies the whole computer screen. By default, you Mac will open a split screen view when you are in full screen. This means that, for example, when you click to compose a message, your screen will automatically split (see the images below). You can disable this. Hey, i'm trying to split my screen between my monitor and my Macbook pro so i can view a separate desktop screen on my monitor and then view another desktop screen on my Macbook pro. Essentially i want to be able to play movies while i work. So i have something to look at when i get bored or need some inspiration.