The Flash platform is very widespread in the field of creating interactive applications. This can be flash-cartoons, games, videos, web-sites created in whole or in part using this technology.

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In this article I will tell you how to run & view SWF files on your Mac and more.

Play SWF Files

SWF is a file format for flash animation, vector graphics, video and audio on the Internet. The image saved in this format is scaled without visible distortion, the video is small, the video file is faster downloaded and played.

How to Open SWF Files?

You can open SWF files with Adobe Flash Player or any web browser that supports Flash. To play Flash applications with browsers, sometimes you need to install the Adobe Flash plug-in (if it is not included in the installation package).

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The Shockwave Flash plugin is a software module that implements the function of Adobe Shockwave, a multimedia software platform that includes the Shockwave Player and Adobe Director content creation tools, in browsers.

How to Open SWF Files on Mac?

I often use three main methods for playing a SWF file:

  • Using the VLC Player;
  • Using the Flash Player debugger downloads from Adobe site;
  • Using the Elmedia Player.

About SWF

The scope of use of SWF is different, it can be games, websites, CD presentations, banners and just cartoons. When creating software, you can use media, sound and graphic files, you can create interactive interfaces and full-fledged web applications using PHP and XML.

The format was originally developed in 1995 by the American company FutureWave Software. The program was called FutureSplash Animator, and the format had the extension SPL.


Despite the fact that Flash is an outdated technology and difficult to meet, it still sometimes becomes necessary to play SWF, FLP, SPL files, etc.

Why SWF files do not work with Windows 10? You can find some excellent SWF animation, sound or even games, which contain interactive features to enjoy fun. What should be the best SWF file players to play SWF videos, games and animations on Windows 10 or Mac?

Swf On Mac

The article shares the top 7 SWF players to view SWF files in a full screen, set the playback quality, and even take advantage of the videos and vectors based animations and games. Just learn more about the programs and get a desired one according to your requirement.

Part 1: Top 7 SWF Players to Play SWF Files

In order to play SWF animations, games and videos on Windows 10 or Mac, here are top 7 SWF video players you can take into consideration.

Top 1: Versatile SWF Player for Windows 10 – Free Blu-ray Player

When you need a SWF player to enjoy all video formats, such as HD videos, DVDs and even Blu-Ray discs, Free Blu-ray Player is able to watch all file formats with excellent video effect and 100% image quality.


Free Swf Video Player

  • 1. Compatible with SWF, FLV, WebM, MP4, WMV, and more than 300 video/audio formats.
  • 2. Play the video different screen modes, like full, half, normal, double, etc.
  • 3. Capture the desired screenshot for the videos during the playback process.
  • 4. Intuitive interface and excellent controls to manage the videos with ease.


  • 1. Upgrade to the Pro version to get more other features of the SWF player.

Top 2: Default SWF Player for PC/Mac – Adobe Flash Player

SWF is an Adobe flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. Adobe Flash Player is the default SWF player and browse plug-in to view flash videos, games and animations.


  • 1. Support SWF files with vector/3D graphics, embedded video and audio.
  • 2. Compatible with smartphones, tablets, PC, Mac and various devices.
  • 3. Work with videos with H.264 video codec and HE-AAC audio codec.


  • 1. The stability problems and crash issues should be the major drawback.
  • 2. Frequent updates for the SWF player is another annoying problem.

Top 3: Smart and Simple SWF Player for PC – SWF Player

Just as the name of the program, SWF Player is a simple and smart external flash player, which is dedicated in playing local SWF videos, games and other files without connecting to the Internet.


  • 1. It is a lightweight SWF video player with less than 1 MB total in size.
  • 2. Basic features to stop, rewind, play, pause, forward and loop SWF files.
  • 3. Go to any frame via the simple scroll bar feature to play the videos.


  • 1. Limited to SWF/FLV formats and basic video playback functionalities.
  • 2. Create some problem while playing movies that access external data.

Top 4: SWF Player for Flash Games for Windows 10 – GOM Player

When you need to play some flash games with SWF files, which you can watch and control with mouse or touch screen, GOM Player might be a nice SWF file player with advanced customization features.


  • 1. Play some broken or under-loaded files and able to find missing codecs.
  • 2. Open and watch the SWF files from YouTube and other online streaming.
  • 3. GOM remoter to remote access to control playback over desktop player.


Swf Player For Mac Os X
  • 1. It only provides the basic user interface to playback the SWF video files.
  • 2. Need some firewall tweaking to get rid of occasional Ads in free version.

Top 5: Flexible SWF Player for Mac – Elmedia Player for Mac

If you are looking for an excellent SWF player for MacBook, Elmedia Player for Mac is the desired one to watch the SWF movies and animations with preferred brightness and color contrast.


  • 1. Support auto-adjust the aspect ratio and more to fit the image to the screen.
  • 2. Add subtitles to SWF videos in SUB/IDX for AirPlay video files.
  • 3. Integrate web-browsing support to watch online SWF video with ease.


  • 1. Upgrade to the Pro version in order to download YouTube SWF files.
  • 2. Complicated options and features difficult for non-tech savvy.

Top 6: Free SWF Players for Online Videos – VLC Media Player

When you want to watch the SWF files online from YouTube, Vimeo and other streaming sites, VLC Media Player is a notorious free SWF video player with multiple advanced features and settings.


  • 1. Convert SWF videos to other video/audio formats for other devices.
  • 2. Stream the files over the Internet and between different devices with ease.
  • 3. Modify the sound settings to get the favorite audio and video files.


  • 1. Do not work with Blu-Ray movies and few video file formats, such as HEVC.
  • 2. Cannot work with DRM-protected files or even the discs of another region.

Top 7: Play SWF Files from Different Sources – KMPlayer

What should be the SWF file player if you need to play SWF files from FTP, URL or other channels? KMPlayer can open the SWF files located on your computer, from FTP, from URL and more other sources.


  • 1. Support for videos, audios, pictures, playlists, subtitles and CD image.
  • 2. Customize the SWF playback with 3D subtitles, screen control and more.
  • 3. Provide a virtual storage space at disposal to watch SWF file anywhere.


  • 1. The beginners would get lost in the context menu or preferences area.
  • 2. Crash problems and compatibility issues should be a annoy drawback.

Part 2: How to Play SWF Files on Windows 10

How to play SWF videos on Windows 10 with the original quality? In order to get the best video quality, you can take Free Blu-ray Player to watch the SWF files for example.

Swf Player For Mac Os X

Download and install Free Blu-Ray Ripper

Once you have installed the SWF player on your computer, you can launch the Free Blu-ray Player and click the “Open File” button to load the SWF files into the program. You can load multiple SWF files within the same time.

Step 2

Play the SWF files on Windows 10

When you load the SWF files into the program, the video files will play automatically. There are multiple controls to pause/resume videos, fast forward, back forward, adjust the audio volume and more.

Adjust the viewing mode for SWF files

Click 'Controls' column to select the movie title/chapter, then click 'Audio' or 'Video' column to adjust the audio/video track and even change the screen size to meet your audiovisual enjoyment.

Step 4

Take screenshots for SWF videos

When you find some interesting screenshots of the SWF files, you can click the “Capture” button to get them down and save a photo format. Then click the destination folder to view the screenshots directly within the program.

Part 3: FAQs of Best Free SWF Player Review

Swf Player For Mac Os X

1. How do I convert SWF to MP4?

For converting SWF to MP4, you should use AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate. It is the easy SWF to MP4 converter on Windows and Mac. Step 1. Click Add File to import one or more SWF files. Step 2. Select MP4 from the drop-down list of Profile. Step 3. Click Convert to start converting SWF to MP4. The detailed guide is here: How to convert SWF to MP4.

2. What is the best SWF player for Android?

There are various SWF players for Android, and you can find them from Google Play easily, VLC, SWF Player, Flash File Viewer, SWF Viewer, Photon Flash Player and Browser, Dolphin Video, and more. Which one is the best depends what you want.

3. What is SWF file?

Swf Player Download Free

SWF is an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics and ActionScript. Controlled by Adobe now, SWF files can contain animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. Adobe makes available plugins, such as Adobe Flash Player and Adobe Integrated Runtime, to play SWF files in web browsers on many desktop operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and ARM architecture (Google Chrome OS only).

Play Swf On Mac

4. Can VLC play SWF?

Yes, VLC can play SWF files. Just upgrade your VLC to the latest version, and click Media to select Open Files or Open Multiple Files to import the SWF files. Then VLC will play the SWF files automatically.


Best Swf Player

If you just find some interesting files or games in SWF format, you can always choose a desired SWF player to view the files with a high quality. Adobe Flash Player is the one for web browser. SWF Player is a light-weighted media player for Windows 10. GOM Player is able to play SWF games and all other SWF formats. Elmedia Player is the flexible SWF player for Mac. VLC Media Player helps you preview the SWF files online. KMPlayer is able to play SWF videos from FTP, URL and more other channels. How about a versatile SWF player supports all video formats? Free Blu-Ray Player is always a high-recommended SWF file player you should download and try.