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  • I managed to find WCH341-Terminal in the middle of a crisis trying to get my cheap USB-RS232 to work. The application (to not be confused with a driver) worked off the bat, it is not a driver but a program. I could not believe it. If you go to System Information and USB and your USBtoSerial Adapter is showing up as USB2.0-Ser!
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I have a new Mac mini that I would like to connect to my old CP/M box with an exiting RS232 console cable (yep, dumb I know) so I was planning on using screen.

+when I plug in the USB cable I get a message that a ‘new network device has been detected’ and suggesting that I use System Preferences to set it up. But in System Preferences it seems to think the USB to Serial adapter is a modem and is looking for a phone number and other configuration data.+
That's normal behaviour for a device of this type E., the OS is designed to see a serial connection as a network interface, you can simply ignore this. If the driver you've installed is FCP compatible and working correctly then I believe you should see your adapter as an available device control option in FCP.

A basic tool for testing your serial port connection on your Mac isCoolTerm by Roger Meier:

CoolTerm is a simple serial port terminal application (no terminalemulation) that is geared towards hobbyists and professionals with aneed to exchange data with hardware connected to serial ports suchas servo controllers, robotic kits, GPS receivers, microcontrollers,etc.

You can download CoolTerm here (mirror).

Step 1 - Start CoolTerm¶

CoolTerm is idle state when you open it. First you need to select andconfigure the serial port by pressing the options button.

Step 2 - Configure and select the Serial Port¶

Configure the serial port and select the serial port. If CoolTermdoesn’t show your serial port, you need to press the Re-Scan SerialPorts button. The serial port should show up in the selection list, ifit doesn’t show, please check if the driver has been installed correctly (see support).

Usb To Rs232 Driver For Mac

Press the ok button when you’re finished.

Usb To Rs232 Cable For Cnc Machines

Step 3 - Use the Serial Port¶

Usb To Rs232 For Mac

CoolTerm is still Idle, press the Connect button to open the serialport. After pressing this button the character your type are send to theouter-space via the serial port, and characters it receives aredisplayed in the window. You can also monitor the handshake signals viathe signal LEDS in the right corner, and you can control the RTS and DTRsignal by pressing the signal LEDS