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  1. Free Vocaloid Demo

Iroha City is a known, but peaceful city that some may even consider too peaceful and thus boring. However, Kagamine Rin doesn't think so and she always finds a way to make her everyday life exciting, while also spending time with her friends, the other Vocaloids. But one day, a strange phenomenon occurs which marks the end of their peaceful daily life, demanding a lot of personal growth and overcoming their fears as they embark in a quest to save the world.

  1. 7 offers from $158. But i think its because i'm a noob! I searched in youtube and i saw vocaloids growling with vocaloid4 editor ^^ i just need more.
  2. One comment on “ UTAU program (and UTAU for Mac), Voicebank, and UST download ” Joey April 8, 2012 at 5:09 am Reply I found this Utau named Salu Sunaloid.
  3. Download the game archive 'The Untold Tales of the Vocaloids.rar' and the xprtp104e.exe file. Install the xprtp104e file (contains a runtime package with files necessary to run the game) 3. Un-archive the game. Click on Game.exe and play!
  4. Vocaloid 4 for mac? I do all my production on a macbook pro and I was wondering if there's a way to get Vocaloid 4 working outside of bootcamp / running it in a VM. I have a windows PC which I use for gaming but I'm going to be travelling a lot and would much rather have.
Vocaloids For MacVocaloids

The game is finished, but it might still receive quality of life updates from time to time.


If you played the game in the past, please read the Devlog for information on how to update the game and use your old save files!

If you're new to the game, just download it and you're good to go!

This is a fanmade Vocaloid game that I created in my free time, for Vocaloid fans to enjoy.

A part of the assets I used are from great artists who put their work for non commercial use. Credits are given to the respective artists.

GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Anime, vocaloid

Install instructions

1. Download the game archive 'The Untold Tales of the Vocaloids.rar' and the xp_rtp104e.exe file

2. Install the xp_rtp104e file (contains a runtime package with files necessary to run the game)

3. Un-archive the game

4. Click on Game.exe and play!


Development log

  • New Content and Quality of Life Update
    99 days ago

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when ever I try to open the game it keeps asking if I am sure If I want to delete something called RGSS-RTP Standered and all of its components, I have no idea what to do. Please help.


Did you install xp_rtp104e.exebefore downloading and running the game? That executable contains a few files needed to run the game.

After doing that, download the game, un-archive it and it should run without any issues.

What are Vocaloids? I would say they are the future of music. Imagine writing your own songs and having a famous voice singing it for you. It’s a voice you can use from a program on your computer. No need for a large recording studio or lots of money or effort hiring a singer of caliber. Vocaloids like Hatsune Miku are known all over the world and they can make millions of people listen to your song.

Conceptualized as synthesized voices for the purpose of creating songs, Vocaloid technology has taken off in Japan and its popularity has gradually spread across the world. Developed by Yamaha, Vocaloids are programs and media by which users can create songs from synthesized voices rendered by voice talents. With a license to promote this technology, Crypton Future Media developed their Character Vocal Series featuring Meiko and Kaito. Although having had a slow start, the Vocaloid phenomenon took off with the creation of Hatsune Miku, whose character design gained mass appeal. She was followed by the twins Rin and Len Kagamine, then Megurine Luka. Songs made by fans and eventually videos boosted Hatsune Miku’s popularity, realizing Crypton’s vision of her being a virtual diva. Other companies have also been given the Vocaloid license and have developed their own characters with varying degrees of success.

The virtual diva concept has been taken to the next level with “live” performances by Vocaloid characters as animated projections. Hatsune Miku and the other vocaloids have already had concerts in major cities in Japan, and has had sold-out concerts in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Singapore, with more performances planned in the future in more international cities.

Although there are people who find the idea of a virtual singer and performer strange or just downright creepy, I really believe that Vocaloid technology will be the future of music because it lets ordinary people become composers, producers and arrangers of their own music. Communities using the application have sprung up and for the most part are collaborating with each other to produce songs and music videos. The program is very versatile, and, as Yamaha put it it, it is only limited by the user’s imagination.

Sample from Hatsune Miku from Sega’s Project Diva game.

Sample from Kagamine Rin from a “live” concert.

Vocaloid Roundup

Free Vocaloid Demo

Notice: Images of Vocaloids are not my own and belong to their respective owners.