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This compact USB DAC and headphone amp performs fantastically, especially considering its sub $100 price. It offers a simple but premium design: just a 3.5-millimeter headphone out on its front and a coaxial and 3.5-millimeter line out on the back. Its volume knob feels solid and has just the right amount of resistance to it. Volume Logic Plugin For Winamp Freeware Volume Normalizer plugin for XMMS v.0.8.3 This is a plugin for the MP3 player XMMS, it does volume normalizing so that you will not need to play with the volume knob whenever a song changes.

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I am having a problem in which Logic Pro X continually gives me a 'Volume XXX Full' error. It happens after running okay for a while, then I click Play or Record and I get the error. There seems no way to clear this fault, and therefore I am forced to shut down Logic, restart it, then it works again for a while, but soon I get the same error. I am not sure if this is consistent, but it seems to happen when I am moving the playhead location around to different places to listen to different spots in recorded tracks. I am running new (late 2013) Mac Pro with Logic audio files located on an external Thunderbolt drive with over 1 TB of free space. Any ideas for solving this issue?