Open the plug-in to monitor the hardware status of esxi host managed by vCenter.

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The following operations are performed on the vCenter host.

Instructions on enabling script plug-in support in the document:

Enabling Script Plug-In Support in the vSphere Web Client


Support for vSphere Client script plug-ins is disabled by default in the vSphere Web Client. To enable support for script plug-ins, locate the file in the vSphere Web Client install directory, typically %ProgramData%VMwarevSphere Web Client on the Windows operating system, and /var/lib/vmware/vsphere-client on Linux and MacOS. Add the following line to the file.

scriptPlugin.enabled = true file

Vsphere Web Client For Macbook


Add attribute field

Enable in the systemVMware VirtualCenter Management WebservicesService, this service will turn on the vCenter8443port

When the client enables the plug-in, it will access the XML configuration file in the 8443 port service of vCenter.

Check whether the XML configuration file can be accessed, URL: HTTPS: / / [your vCenter IP]: 8443 / CIM UI/ scriptConfig.xml 。

Vsphere Web Client For MacWeb

Enable the plug-in in in vSphere client.

Plug in — management plug-in

Right clickVCenter hardware status——Enable

Vsphere Web Client 6.5

Vsphere Web Client For Mac

With this plug-in enabled, you can see one more on the managed esxi hostHardware StatusAfter clicking this option, you can see the hardware status of the host: