Here check out 5 Best Watermark Software for Mac 2018 free that you should be using.

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  2. Free Watermark For Mac

Mac users like to use watermarking for protecting their photos. There are many benefits of watermark images the first of which is that you can keep your self-prepared pictures secure. Secondly, readers will be able to know that you own those images. The third and interesting thing is that you will get credits when anyone will use your watermarked images on social media platforms.

Best Watermark Software for Mac

Watermark For MacFor

Finding an advance Mac watermark apps is also good for the reason they are specially designed for watermarking images on Mac system and offering a better foundation to users.

Visual Watermark Free for Mac helps protect your work from unauthorized or improper use by applying a copyright notice on a single photo or a group of photos. Photo Bulk for Mac is a lightweight application that lets you easily add a watermark to an image. You just need to drag and drop your image into the app, choose the watermark type from the menu, modify the settings to your choices, and you are good to go.

If you are also one among them and want to use watermarking for protecting your photos, you should check out the list of following Mac watermark software –

Iwatermark Pro

Watermark For Mac

People who are looking for professional watermark photos without any hassles will find Iwatermark totally suitable as per their choice.

The most popular features of this extensive watermark tools are as follows:

  • Compatible with all cameras
  • Resizing and renaming facilities
  • Watermark in any language
  • Facility for adding special effects
  • Simplified system for sharing the image on multiple social media sites

This extensive software offers you 6 kinds of watermarks; signature, metadata, graphic, text, QR, and steganographic watermark. Many other user-friendly features are there to notice in this special watermark software.

Impression 2

Impression 2 is a prominent watermark app for OS X that supports you not only for adding high-quality watermarks but also for automation of the process. The most important feature to know about the app is that it doesn’t alter your original images after watermarking.

Watermark for mac

Download Impression 2 for Mac

Watermark pro

Watermark pro is another popular watermark tool that works well for Mac devices. A variety of watermark options are there such as Text, logo, line art, smart text, QRcode, map, export module and many other things. Adding watermark, renaming photos in bulk, resizing and all is possible with this extensive OS X watermark software. The biggest thing to know about this app is that it is free for everyday use.


uMark is an outstanding photo watermark software that supports you for adding visible watermarks on multiple images at a time. Apart from using this app for watermarking on images in Mac devices, you can utilize the same on a windows system. As this software is absolutely free to use, you can add watermarks to even hundreds of images once. Here are some important features to know about uMark –

  • Totally customizable watermarks
  • Facility of adding shadow and border
  • Batch watermarking
  • Image and text watermarking
  • QRcodes and Shapes
  • Liberty of placing watermarks anywhere
  • Watermark tiling to ensure maximum protection

The software supports various languages such as English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Turkish, Italian and French.


In the series of easy to use watermark apps, PhotoBulk is extensively popular software. It offers the facility of resizing, optimization, renaming files which are subjected for watermark. Apart from the facility of watermarking thousands of files together, this Mac app is available in free version also. The paid version of the software is available at very minimal cost i.e. $5.99 only.

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So now, you know well about the best Mac watermark software tools which are available on the internet. All the above-mentioned software tools are highly useful for professional photo editors.

You can download these software tools from their official websites but one of the most important things to be taken under consideration is that you should not apply watermark on the images that have not been created by you.

Putting a watermark on pirated or copied images are subjected to punishment under the offense of violation of copyright law that causes serious legal problems.


So those were some of the best Mac watermark software that you can use this year.

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For many of us photo security has become a real concern in the online world. We spend time creating the perfect shots in the hope that our work will get the recognition it deserves, only to discover that our original pictures have been shamelessly stolen by evil-minded users or online businesses.

To discourage image theft we can implement various techniques, with watermarking being one of the most popular. A watermark unquestionably states from the get-go that those images belong to you and can’t be further used without your permission.

Furthermore, adding a watermark can also be a beneficial move from a business perspective. This can be an effective way to drive traffic back to your website or blog, to generate some buzz and become more notorious in the online environment.

If you want to know how to watermark photos on Mac with ease, we’ve compiled a list of five apps designed to make your job significantly easier:


PhotoMarks is a batch watermark app for Mac designed to be extremely easy to use. This means that it comes with a user-friendly interface and with previews for every edit you make, so that you’ll always have an overview of what you’re doing. Basically the process is simple: you add your photos, apply the watermark and just select your output folder.

PhotoMarks allows you to add both text and logo marks and completely customize them by selecting the desired position, rotation, scaling, font, size and color or by applying special effects like stroke, shadow and bounding-box. For an increased productivity, the app has a feature to save your settings as profiles and use them later without having to go through the same edits again.

In addition to watermarking, the tool also allows you to resize, auto rotate or decorate photos with graphical frames. Once you’ve finished, you have the option of sending the newly-edited pictures via email or upload them to FTP or Flickr.

PhotoMarks also has a version for iPhone and iPad, which is available on the App Store.

iWatermark Pro

iWatermark Pro is a watermark tool for Mac users designed to handle batch processing. The app prides itself on supporting a wide array of watermarks: text, logo, signature, QR codes, metadata or steganographic if you wish to embed invisible watermarks in your photos.

iWatermark allows you to customize your marks to your liking, which means you can select your own transparency, placement, font, color, size and apply special effects like aqua, shadow and emboss. Besides watermarking, the app can also perform other useful tasks, like generating thumbnails, renaming or resizing photos.

The only inconvenient has to do with the interface, which is not the most intuitive.

TSR Watermark Image

TSR Watermark Image is another option to consider if you’re using a Mac and want to protect your images. With this app you can also watermark multiple images at the same time and directly upload them to WordPress or your FTP account.

TSR Watermark Image allows you to add three types of marks: text, logo and 3D and adjust them in terms of position, size, font, color, transparency or angle. With regard to adjusting the position, unfortunately you can’t do it freely using drag and drop. You have to select from nine preset locations.

Additionally you can opt to add borders, crosses and other effects to your images and optimize your pictures through the app’s resizing and converting features. The features are quite enough for your basic image-optimization needs, but the interface leaves a little to be desired.


uMark is a photo watermark software for Mac created to serve the same purpose of image protection. With live preview for each step taken, the app allows you to add multiple types of watermarks, from text and image to different shapes, QR codes and various metadata.

Of course, you can customize your watermarks to the extent you want by adjusting things like transparency, rotation, position, font and more. To make your job easier, uMark enables you to save the watermarks you’ve created and use them again later.

Free Photo Watermark For Mac

Watermark Plus

With 17 built-in watermark profiles, Watermark Plus is an alternative to consider if you’re on the search for such a tool. The interface is clean and easy to navigate, allowing you to perform all desired operations without constantly wondering where to go next.

With this app you can apply text and logo marks to your pictures in batch mode and save them as profiles in order to use them later. Besides watermarking, you can also resize multiple photos, convert or rename them in the same session.

Free Watermark For Mac

Which app do you use to watermark images on Mac? Let us know in the comments below.